15 Signs Someone Is Keeping A Secret From You

15 Signs Someone Is Keeping A Secret From You

By Metro UK on October 12, 2015

How do you think a person lives a life, having murdered someone, without it….showing? A whole life of relationships behind them,without anyone ever suspectng they did something….beyond awful. How does that happen?”

This is the premise behind ITV’s gripping new brand new, six-­‐part crime drama Unforgotten.

The complex web of lies and secrets kept hidden for nearly 40 years begin to be revealed when the bones of a murdered young boy are discovered beneath a demolished house.

But who is the murdered boy? And what happened all those years ago that was the catalyst for his murder?

While most of us don’t need to know how to spot a secret-keeper to solve a murder, it is still a useful skill.

Here we reveal  the signs that will give them away…

1. When you ask them a question or accuse them of being shady, they try to turn the attention back on you

Distraction tactics range from accusing YOU of being the shady one to random compliments and questions designed to throw you off the scent.

2. They add loads of uneccessary details to their stories

Adding in the colour of objects, strangely specific times, or the exact type of coffee they ordered, down to that extra shot of syrup, is their way of trying to make their story sound more real.

Meaning they’re making it up.

3. They suddenly become VERY shifty around their phone/laptop

Everyone has the right to keep things private, but if they’re terrified of leaving you alone in a room with their phone for 15 seconds they’re probably hiding something.

4. They get touchy when you ask questions

‘Why are you even asking me that?’

5. And will try to make it seem like you’re being crazy or paranoid

‘How could you even think that?’

6. They avoid using the word ‘I’

Speaking really hypothetically when asked personal questions is a sign they’re trying to deflect.

7. They’re suddenly avoiding spending time alone with you

Because they don’t want to accidentally get into a conversation that will give something away.

8. Their schedule seems off

Suddenly they’re coming home late a lot more often, or waking up earlier.

9. They’re constantly ‘busy’

Taking ages to respond to texts, unable to meet up, and cutting conversations short – all because they’re just too busy. Busy doing WHAT?

10. Watch out for body language

Are their arms crossed when they talk to you? Do they keep touching their face? They’re trying to create a physical barrier between you and them, to match the mental one protecting their big secret.

11. Minimal or excessive eye contact

If they can’t look you in the eye, that’s a dead giveaway. But secret-keepers can also try to overcompensate, knowing that avoiding eye contact looks shifty so trying to maintain constant eye contact instead.

12. They’re concerned when you speak to their friends

Clearly they’re scared their mates will spill the beans

13. They answer questions with questions

Why would you think that? Why would I do that? Why are you asking me that?

14. And use a lot of conditionals
‘I would NEVER do that’ rather than ‘I have not done that.’

15. They repeat the same phrases

Usually a sign that they’ve rehearsed their story.

Now go, notice the signs, and call out all those shifty secret-keepers.

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