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Teenage Boy Kidnaps Neighbour’s Six-Year-Old Son, Kills Him, Then Demands Ransom To Buy An iPhone (PHOTO)

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A 17-year-old teenager, Parag Barthakur, who was in dire need of acquiring a new iPhone and having in mind that he could get such money from his neighbour decided to abduct his neighbour’s 6-year-old son, Ganesh Garg, after hearing that his father had just spent £1,500 on heart surgery in New Delhi India.

6-year-old boy, Ganesh Garg, killed by 17-year-old neighbour in his bid to raise money to buy an iPhone. (Photo Credit: CEN/Getty)
Mother of 6-year-old old, Ganesh Garg, weeps uncontrollably for her late son. (Photo Credit: CEN)

Joint commissioner of police Sandeep Goel said, “He thought the boy’s father could again arrange a similar amount.”

It was learnt that he went to their house and asked Garg to accompany him to play some computer games.

After the games, he lured him to a park where he planned to make a ransom demand from the father before releasing the six-year-old.

According to reports, the boy became distressed so he slit his throat and stabbed him before dumping the body and then went further to call the late boy’s dad and demanded some ransom from him.

Another commissioner Alok Kumar said, “He called up Ganesh’s father after killing the child and told him to arrange the money by next morning.

“He also threatened him not to inform police and then returned home. At home, he took a shower and changed before meeting anyone.”

The killer was among the chief mourners after the boy’s body was recovered but luck ran out on him when police became suspicious and quizzed him in the presence of his parents and he eventually confessed committing the heinous act.

He was subsequently presented before the juvenile justice board.

The joint commissioner of police said, “He was found in possession of a knife which he used to kill the boy, the child’s blood-stained shirt which he planned to send to the parents and a stolen SIM card and mobile phone he used to call them.

“During questioning with his parents present he confessed to abduction and murder and said he had done it because he thought the boy’s parents would be able to afford the ransom to buy him a new iPhone.”

Meanwhile, the fate of the killer is yet to be determined.

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