20 Awesome Ways To Spice Up Sex

20 Awesome Ways To Spice Up Sex [EXPLICIT CONTENT]

By iDIVA on March 12, 2014
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New relationships are always fun and exciting. After all, you are still exploring each other. But as your relationship starts to age, the fun element from sex goes missing. Many couples find themselves stuck in a sexual rut over time. If you find your sex life much the same (read: repetitive and boring), here are 20 awesome tips that will get the ball rolling.

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1. 28 Days of Love! Get ready for all things love and romance, as we bring you our steamiest Valentine’s Day Special ever this February. From sexy lingerie to tease your man to awesome date ideas, and irresistible love food to gifts that say it all, here’s your ultimate guide to a loved-up Valentine’s. P.S. You don’t wanna miss our sex series for anything!

2. Have an affair: Not with another person, but with each other! If your long-term relationship has lost its magic, spice things up by pretending you both are having an affair. Plan a date with your better half and seduce each other like two lusty lovers. You will never know how sexy it is until you try it.

3. Think teen: Relive your teenage days by visiting your favourite bars/restaurants, get drunk together and make out like crazy.

4. More foreplay: As time passes, couples forget the awesomeness of foreplay. Make sure you spend at least 15 minutes arousing each other. The sex will be phenomenal!

5. Have impromptu sex: Sometimes urban couples are so busy with their lives that they need to plan and schedule time for sex. While this may not be a bad thing, impromptu and unpredictable sex will spice things up greatly. And there’s nothing as wonderful as 3 AM surprise sex. 😉

6. Bring props to bed: Add some excitement to your bedroom activities by bringing in sex toys, lubes, pheromones, massage oils or something as simple as flavoured or textured condoms.

7. Look sexy: To feel sexy you have to look sexy. As shallow as it may sound, a good body is more attractive than an unfit one. So join the gym or work out everyday to be fit. To feel beautiful you can also pamper yourself with fragrant scrubs, sexy lingerie and perfume. When you’re feeling sexy and confident, the sex will automatically be great.

8. Bring your fantasies to life: Everyone has sexual fantasies. Talk them out with your beau and let them come alive. You don’t have to jump into a threesome if that’s what your partner wants (or maybe you could). But, for starters, you could begin with simple and more doable stuff.

9. Practise abstinence: Couples who have the liberty to have sex all the time can sometimes get bored of it. To keep the charm alive, abstain from sex every now and then. If you plan this right, it can be a huge turn on and the sex will be wild.

10. Sexually surprise each other: Surprise your love now and then by doing something sexually special for him. Pull him towards you and start kissing him wildly when he gets home from work or go down on him while watching TV. If you’re feeling rather bold, receive him naked when he comes home.

11. Get out of the bedroom: To really spice up your sex life, try changing the location. If you’re always having sex in your bedroom, try exploring other areas such as kitchen, couch or bathroom. You could also book yourself into a hotel room. The more innovative you get, the better will your sexual experience will be.

12. Go kinky: Remember, kink = excitement. Kinky and wild sex will instantly spice up your monotonous sex life. Read erotic novels or watch erotic movies to get inspired.

13. Watch porn: If you’re stuck in a rut, watch porn together or separately. Watching an adult film will get you in the mood. You could also pick up a trick or two from it. 😉

14. Sexual environment: Make your setting erotic by adding fragrances, scented candles, lacy curtains, cushions and dim lights. It’s the perfect way to make your love-making session romantic and special.

15. Read an erotic book together: Erotic books are all the rage this season. We even see people reading them in public. But, it’s even more fun to read it together and letting your imagination run wild. It’s definitely a big turn on and he won’t be able to wait to try things on you.

16. Change your moves: To get out of the rut and spice things up change your usual moves and try different sex positions. They may or may not work for you. But, you will never know until you try them.

17. Create memories: Try something totally new and offbeat-like having sex in your car or in the washroom of a club. Do something crazy and wild. As long as you keep making such exciting memories, sex can never get boring.

18. Wear something sexy: Tease your man by wearing something sexy. Show a little leg or cleavage. Walk around at home in your lingerie and make it seem casual. He will not be able to keep his hands off you.

19. Sext him: Don’t wait for your man to be around to seduce him. Send him sexy messages or photos of you in the middle of the day as a teaser. He will not be able to wait to get home and make crazy love to you.

20. Sensual massages: Treat each other to a sensual massage. Get naked and rub some exotic massage oil all over his body. Don’t leave any area uncovered and pay special attention to his erogenous areas.

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