2 Essentials Picking The Right Dog Clipper

2 Essentials Picking The Right Dog Clipper

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Grooming dogs is an essential task for pet lovers who want to keep their pets tidy, clean and good looking. Dog clippers are the one and only tool that you would need to groom your pet, and there are several models and makes available. From high-end brands to the economic offerings, you get what you pay for. The electrical clippers are the best dog clippers, and you can choose between the plug-in type and the rechargeable ones. How you would like to groom the coat would help to decide the size of blades, and the guide combs help to maintain an even trim across the body of the animal. It is normal that you would like to have the best for your pet but to know what would be best you must depend on some factors and be aware of.

The grooming and the pet influence the selection of clippers

If you just want to use clippers to remove a few stray hairs on your dog’s body or want to keep its feet clean, you might use some inexpensive clippers that would have occasional use. While taking your pet to groomers is the best way to have its coat maintained, in between the visit to groomers you might like to do some light trimming to have a nice show coat. Some medium priced clippers with a variety of blades would be a good choice.

In case you have a penchant for grooming your pet on your own and want to style it in your way then you must acquire the clippers that professional groomers use. The options of styling and grooming are much more with these clippers that have several blades and run at variable speed. Choosing a cordless clipper will increase the convenience of using the tool.

Choice of brands

Andis, Oster, Wahl, and Conair are some of the leading brands of dog clippers. All brands offer the tool along with a set of blades, but since the blades are standardized, you can interchange it between brands. The Oster blades would fit into any other brand of clipper and vice versa. Although you get a set of blades with the tool when you buy it, you might require some additional blades that depend on the type of clipping you want to do. To specify a blade, you must either know its nomenclature in terms of Oster number or the closeness of the cut. The number represents the closeness of cut. For an even cut, you have to use snap-on guide combs by attaching it to the clippers. Some guide combs come with the clippers, but if you need some more, you have to buy it.

The extent of use of dog clippers determines the type and its price. It is, therefore, vital to have a clear idea about how frequently you want to use clippers to justify the investment. After all, dog clippers can be a good investment if you plan to groom your dog by yourself for many years.


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