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Listen, Guys: 3 Things Women Definitely Want From Men

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Do you think women are inscrutable? Do you think they are extremely difficult to understand? Are you struggling to find out what she really is thinking and what she is all about? Don’t worry, you are not alone.

A woman can say a lot with her silence while sometimes a man can talk for hours yet say nothing. You need to listen very carefully to figure out what your girl is trying to say. It is not rocket science, its just that you need to be sensitive to her. Here are a few things that women look for in men. Read on and you will probably understand her better…

Be honest and credible
Honesty is something that is extremely important for a woman. You have to be brave enough to own up everything. If she ever caught you lying she wouldn’t forgive you easily. But if you faltered and still confessed to her honestly you can stand a chance. She has to be able to believe you and trust you implicitly. It means a lot to her. A woman looks for a partner who she can rely on.

Hear her out
If you are looking for a steady relationship you need to enhance your listening skills. Lend an ear to her problems; you don’t need to give solutions all the time. She is not looking for answers; she just needs someone who can listen to her, rants without being judgmental, without being critical of her comments. Allow her to create an emotional bond with you.

Women mature faster than men, we all know that. But expecting the woman to mother you all your life is not what she would like. She needs an anchor too. She needs her man to be matured, calm, composed, and in control. Show her that you can face your fears and you do not need to run away from them. Impulsive is fine sometimes but show that you can take calculated risks as well. A woman loves it if she knows she can lean on her man and it is not the other way round.


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