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[dropcap]A[/dropcap]re you bored or restless during the weekend? Boredom often prompts people to spend money on distractions. If you’re feeling broke, you run the risk of spending the whole weekend starting at the television.

Don’t worry – there are plenty of free and cheap ways to entertain yourself and your family, and none of them involve staring at the television screen. Check out this list of 30 free and fun weekend activities.

1: Check out neighborhood or church festivals.

2: Take your kids to the park. Bring a picnic.

3. Learn how to sew.

4: Host a potluck barbeque. Ask everyone to bring a side dish, a drink, or a package of meat or veggies for the grill.

Click Here for A Beginners Guide To Sewing

5: Invite friends over for card games.

6: Experiment with new recipes or invent one of your own.

7: Run through the sprinklers.

7: Dance in your living room – it’s a free workout!

8: Practice a musical instrument, or jam in the garage with your friends.

9: Visit your neighborhood garage sales.

10: Grab the camera, take landscape pictures of your neighborhood, and edit the photos on your computer. Experiment with lighting, angles and composition. For more, read About.com’s free photography lessons.

11: Write a love letter to your spouse! Surprise him or her.

12: Drive through the countryside to get a breath of fresh, unpolluted air.

13: Visit a free museum or art gallery with your kids.

14: Make a collage out of photos in old magazines.

15: Browse About.com’s pages to learn a new skill – like how to repair cars, how to design websites, or how to sew.

16: Climb trees — just like the old days!

17: Ride your bicycle along local bike trails.

18: Flip through albums of old family pictures.

19: Go to a library (or browse the Kindle or Amazon Prime Lending Library) to check out interesting books.

20: Cut up old clothes and turn it into costumes or crafts.

21: Pamper yourself with an at-home pedicure, facial and deep-conditioning.

22: Start a stamp collection.

23: Learn about fascinating topics, like Roman history or world religions.

24: Shoot pool (billiards) at a friend’s home.

25: Go to a Little League baseball game with the neighborhood kids.

26: Try out new hairdos.

27: Organize and tag your Facebook photos.

28: Play Monopoly or other board games with your family.

29: Go for a jog.

30: Volunteer at a local animal shelter, homeless shelter or other charitable organization.


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