30 Things To Do Before Turning 30

30 Things To Do Before Turning 30

By Lipstiq on March 21, 2014
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The biggest and most dreaded factor about turning 30 is you no longer can get away with things you used to; people tend to look at you differently when you’re 30! Suddenly, everyone takes you for a responsible, dependable and generally stable adult. Getting blacked out and random hook ups just isn’t an as acceptable excuse as it was in your twenties.

If you’re reading this while you’re still enjoying your twenties, head this as a warning. Respect and trust your elders when they tell you to take in every moment, because time flies by and the next thing you know, you’ll be staring 30 straight in the face. The most essential thing in life that you can never get back in life is your youth.

So, as you go through the exhilarating and thrilling years of being in your twenties, take your actions into account and engage in as much shenanigans as you can.

Here’s a list of 30 things to get out of your system before you hit the big 3-0!

  1. Move to a new place. Move somewhere where you don’t know anyone and learn to be independent. It’s one of the best gifts you can ever give yourself.
  2. Date around. If you’re not in a serious relationship or if you’re single then date around! This way you get to experience really good and really bad dates.
  3. Face one of your biggest fears. Be it bungee jumping, singing to an audience, or going to the movies alone.
  4. Have a friend with benefits. This is to make sure the one friend you’ve always had a crush on does not end up as the “one who got away.”
  5. Get in shape! It is a lot easier to get in shape when you’re in twenties as compared to your thirties because of your metabolism rate. Plus, you get to turn thirty looking fabulous!
  6. Pick up a guy. Now who says only men should make the first move? See someone you fancy at a bar or the gym? Ask him out!
  7. Change your look entirely. Always wanted to dye your hair and change your style of dressing? Best do it while you still can without being judged by your peers.
  8. Go to a big festival! Let’s face it, your energy to travel, explore and attend adrenaline-pumping festival are bound to be better in your twenties. So save up and attend a mega festival like Oktoberfest, Tomorrowland, Coachella or Songkran!
  9. Visit friends in other countries. Nothing beats travelling with friends. Visit friends who live overseas and get to experience their lives, culture and travel their city with them. Skip the traditional touristy spots and opt for more adventurous things.
  10. Travel with your lover. Explore a different country or city with your sweetheart. This way, you get to bond and determine if he is marriage material or not.
  11. Make out with another girl. Always wondered what is was like to kiss someone of the same sex? Try it and find out.
  12. Volunteer. Do some work that solely benefits others. Be it helping out at a soup kitchen, baby sitting your younger cousins or visiting a home, just do it.
  13. Use a fake accent. Make the next person you encounter believe you’re genuinely from Australia or anywhere you choose to be from except your own home country!
  14. Go skinny-dipping. If not now, when?
  15. Get a tattoo. If you’ve always wanted a tattoo, get it! Do it in your twenties, while you’re still youthful and daring. Don’t put it off because you might just cross it off your list when you’re older.
  16. Date someone who doesn’t fit your bill of the perfect man. At least this way you get to know who’s right for you.
  17. Pretend to be someone else. Discover what it’s like to be someone other than yourself for a day. Introduce yourself with a different name, make up a random job and just be someone else for the day.
  18. Fall in love. Let your guards down, learn to open up to a guy and trust him with your heart. At the end of the day, it’s best to have loved and loved back than not loved at all.
  19. YOLO! Rationalise all your actions with YOLO and just have fun!
  20. Splurge. Blow your entire paycheque on a designer bag or shoes that you’ve always wanted. This can be your version of living dangerously!
  21. Quit your job. If you really hate your job, quit. Take some time off then decide on what you really want to do.
  22. Go someplace with no money. You don’t know what your limits are until you step out of your comfort zone and you’re forced to face it. The creative things you come up with will be an experience you’ll never forget.
  23. Move out of your parents’ house. If you’ve been working for a while now, then it’s time to grow up! Be independent; rent a place and stop living off your parents.
  24.  Kiss a stranger. While you’re out partying and dancing with a stranger, kiss him! Chances are you’ll probably never see him again and there’s nothing wrong in having a little fun.
  25. Buy a one-way ticket. Buy a one-way flight ticket out of the country and bring a backpack with you. You never know where the adventure will take you.
  26. Learn to cook. If you don’t know how to cook, it’s about time you learnt to do so. Can’t be eating out forever now can you?
  27. Crash a party. Crash a neighbourhood or birthday party where you don’t know anyone and have a blast.
  28. Have sex in a public place. We live for the thrills and fun of doing things we aren’t supposed to do so have sex with your partner in a public place. Plus, if you do get caught, it’s a lot less embarrassing for it to happen in your twenties than in your thirties.
  29. Couch-surf. Avoid your apartment for a week. Go out partying; get drunk, crash at friend’s place. It’ll make you appreciate your place a lot more.
  30. Try exotic food. Be adventurous and try more exotic food like Balut, spiders, crickets, scorpions, snakes and many more. People tend to be more adventurous when they’re younger so try exotic foods in your twenties before you change your mind and chicken out!

Tick all this off your list before you turn 30 so you don’t regret not doing them later on. Cheers!

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