Question Of The Day: Is Skin Bleaching A Mental Illness? (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Question Of The Day: Is Skin Bleaching A Mental Illness? (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

By Opinions | The Trent on March 21, 2014
Skin Bleaching
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When you grew up, did you think that light skin was better than dark skin? If you didn’t feel that way, you probably knew black people who did. There is a history of colourism, not just in the black community, but around the world. The tradition came out of colonialism and still continues to this day in may places around the globe.

Does it still exist? Do you notice people who feel that light skin is better than dark? Does it change for men or women? What about the north vs. the south or the US vs. Africa?

Sammie Sosa
Singer Dencia (Photo Credit: Yeoal's Blogzine)
Singer Dencia (Photo Credit: Yeoal’s Blogzine)

The Santita Jackson Show discusses these topics in this episode. Sitting with three guests from the faith-based community, Santita helps to explore whether colourism is real in the African American community and whether we are all affected. She talks about Sammie Sosa, the former Chicago Cubs player who turned his skin to something of a much lighter shade as a product of skin bleaching, which is the act of making one’s skin lighter through a series of treatments.

If a black person is unhappy with dark skin and wants something lighter, does that come from self-hatred, or is it a legitimate preference? A psychologist may consider a preference of light skin to be a mental illness that comes from hundreds of years of slavery and colonization. What do you think?

Vybz Kartel
Vybz Kartel
Rapper Lil Kim
Rapper Lil Kim

Beyonce Bleaching The Trent

Watch the video and think it through.

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