4 Things Every Christian Woman Should Tell Her Husband

4 Things Every Christian Woman Should Tell Her Husband

By All Christian News on September 21, 2014
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According to Ryan Frederick, writer for Fiercemarriage.com, men are more complex than they are portrayed in TV shows and media advertising because they want more out of life than just to look good or have women lusting after them.

The Christian outdoorsman goes on to write that most men want the same things he does — to reach for the higher things in life — but they can’t do it alone. He adds that Christian men especially want to achieve leadership of their family, truthfulness in everything they do, and sëxual purity, but they need the help of their wives to achieve these things.

Here are four things a wife should let her husband know daily, if she wants him to be the husband of her dreams, according to Frederick.

  1. Tell your husband that you trust his judgment.

Even if you disagree with some of your husband’s decisions and you fight about certain things from time to time, a man needs to hear his wife say “I trust you,” to find the confidence to continue with what he is uncertain about. This applies especially when he is trying to work out God’s plan for you both in life.

  1. Tell your husband you believe in him.

Especially when you observe that the man in your life is struggling to provide for your family while maintaining his godly nature, you should tell him that you believe in him. That will encourage him to continue with those areas of his life that he is uncertain and give him more confidence, knowing that you support him all the way.

  1. Tell him how desirable he still is.

A man needs to know that his wife still finds him physically attractive and even though he has failed in certain tasks, she wants him intimately. Telling your husband that you want him intimately goes further than just physical desire, it tells him that you enjoy your relationship with him and will continue to do so no matter what.

  1. Tell him you love him.

Although you may tell your husband you love him on a daily basis, make sure he knows that you mean what you say. Don’t just float the words out casually, stop him in what he is doing, look him straight in the eye, tell him you love him and seal it with a kiss. This will not only bolster his self esteem, but encourage him to try something he has previously thought he couldn’t do.

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