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5 Of The Most Breathtaking Beaches In Mexico

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Mexico is a dream destination for any avid traveler. From the breathtaking beaches to the ancient wonders of past civilization found in the hinterland, there is something for everyone. If you are looking for a luxurious vacation in the country, the beaches provide the best springboard before you venture inwards. If you are new to the country, here are some of the best beaches that you must explore during your vacation:

  1. Cancun

These are some of the most renowned beaches in the world and they are popular among visitors. The vast white sands and clear blue waters make these beaches an ideal place for the family to have fun. There are restaurants serving amazing delicacies and drinks. Other than the beaches, there are golf courses for those who are inclined and a vibrant nightlife and all sorts of water activities.

  1. Playa del Carmen

Once a sleepy coastal town, Playa del Carmen is now among the most popular beaches along the Yucatán Peninsula. If you are a nature lover, you will enjoy viewing the ancient ruins of Tulum or alternatively, you can take a dip into the Caribbean Sea and explore the mysteries of marine life. The beauty of these beaches is the fact that it not only caters for beach goers, but also those who are inclined towards an outdoor life. The turquoise waters and white beaches have a hold on every visitor.

  1. Acapulco

Acapulco might have lost its allure since the 1950s when it hosted greats like Elvis Presley and John F. Kennedy. However, this is slowly becoming an exclusive vacationing spot due to the exclusive beaches and exciting water sports. It is a hideaway for most travelers who want to enjoy time at the beach and hit the swanky clubs later. The nightlife is booming once again and more tourists are being attracted by the laidback nature of Acapulco.

  1. Puerto Vallarta

This is a tourist hotspot which has nevertheless managed to maintain its allure due to its small town charm. For the vacationer who wants a quieter time,Puerto Vallarta beaches offer an idyllic setting to unwind. The restaurants are elegant and you will always find a touch of class in every corner of the small town. The sophisticated seafront adds to the glamour and it is no wonder big celebrities opt for this exclusive nature of the area as opposed to more open beaches.

  1. Tulum

For one of the most exciting vacation experiences on the Mexican coastline, you have to try Tulum. Located near the Tulum ruins,the beaches in the area boast soft sands which you can enjoy throughout the year. The Mayan ruins add to the allure of the area and whether you are a historic buff or not, you will love the experience. The underground caverns filled with water are great to explore and there are bio-reserves which are well maintained.

These are just some of the best beach destinations you will find on Luxury Link. Go ahead and make your vacation even more exciting by visiting one of these beaches in Mexico.

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