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5 Factors To Consider When Choosing A Portable Radio

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[dropcap]E[/dropcap]ntertainment is something which we don’t want to miss in our life. The modes of entertainment are various and highly advanced in recent days. Smartphones, computers, home theaters, FM Radio and a lot more are there to keep us entertained all the time. But, out of these options, the demand for AM and FM radios are at the peak. Different types of battery operated radio are available in the market. Built with a compact as well as lightweight design, such radios are very easy to carry wherever you go. If you are planning to buy a portable radio then it is necessary to consider the following points.

radio factors

Portability of the model

There are different models of different sizes of portable radios. The features also vary from one to another. Hence you must have a clear knowledge about the size and feature of every type of portable radio to choose the best one. Some of these are available with a belt clip or carry handle which will surely make the radio more convenient and easy to carry. For example, If you want to carry it while going for a walk then look for the size which fits your pocket.

radio factors

Power option

When you look for FM radio, you need to consider the power option at first. If you select a rechargeable battery operated radio, then you need to be sure that the batteries have a reliable life. The battery life must last for a long time so that it will not create any hassle for your enjoyment. One most important thing that you can ignore is the availability of the battery in the market. It’s always good to have some spare batteries always with you.


Another important feature to check in a portable radio is Weatherproofing. If you want to carry the radio in the odd weather condition then buy the one which is waterproof. This will give you the scope to utilize even when you are swimming or enjoying some water sports.

radio factors

Sound quality

Next feature is the sound quality which is one of the most important features to check before you buy a radio. You will definitely like to buy the radio which produces quality sound and allow you to enjoy your favorite programs without any problem. Check the speaker quality as its important. Again, you must check whether an adjustable antenna is attached to the radio or not. The adjustable antenna is able to provide a better sound quality. By adjusting the antenna it will be possible for you to control the static so that the radio can receive the channels more clearly and perfectly.

radio factors

Look and appearance of the model

Another key area where you must pay attention is the look of the radio. Different people have different preferences and choices. Manufacturers design the outer look depending on market trends. You can simply go with a vintage or contemporary model based on your choice.

girl-869213_1280 hearphone earpiece girl-869213_1280 headphone earpiece

Speaker or earphone

Portable radios normally come with earphone facilities. So, if you enjoy the radio programs without disturbing others then go with earphone model. But if want to enjoy the programs with others then the speaker version will be a good choice. If you want both facilities then select a battery operated radio, offering this option.

Apart from those above, there are some other features too which are also to be taken into consideration before you buy a portable radio. Cost is major among this. To get a budget-friendly model with all the major features you need to research well on the market. In branded models negotiation opportunity is a bit less, which local brands can offer.

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