5 Free Hand Exercises You Must Try

5 Free Hand Exercises You Must Try

By The Trent on September 16, 2014
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Not going to the gym? No sweat! You can stay ship-shape minus the equipment and fuss, using just your bare hands. Freehand exercises that can be done on just a mat or in your office cubicle are a must-try. Here are a few…

1. Push ups: This is the most popular. Want to build up your upper body? Do at least 50 push ups each day. These strengthen the chest, biceps, triceps and spinal cord. It can also be done against the wall.

2. Squats: Another great free hand workout, squats also help you shed flab on the abdomen and legs. Do at least 5 reps while slowly standing and sitting down.

3. Ab crunches: Slim down the belly with this one! Ab crunches help tone up the stomach and strengthen it. Just ensure your neck is in the right alignment and keep your back flat on the floor while doing it, place your fist under your chin to keep your head from moving.

4. Leg lifts: To do this, lie down on your back and lift your leg straight up as far as you go. Hold and bring the leg down slowly. Repeat this with the other leg. They work to build the abs and add muscle to the calf.

5. Side bends: Get those perfect love handles with the side bend. Stand with your feet apart, and knees slightly bent. Place one hand on your hip and the other straight downward. Bend at one side, allowing the hand to reach toward the side of your leg (do not move the hips). Do about 20 reps and switch hands.

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