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5 Hacks In Shopping For Clothes Online

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[dropcap]S[/dropcap]hopping for clothes online can get you great style at bargain prices. But, it sometimes comes with the worry that because you’re buying a clothing item sight-unseen, it just won’t fit and you’ve wasted your money. Jumia, the online store you can trust, highlights how to make sure that never happens.

Check size chart

Measurements matter, and it will save you a lot of time if you click over to confirm the size of your bust, waist and hips against the store’s sizing charts. Alternatively, measure yourself once and keep a note saved somewhere on your computer so you always have a reference.

Keep a list of the sizes you wear often

If you frequent the same set of stores, it’s worth jotting down a list of the sizes you wear regularly. And, again, keep a note on your phone or computer. That way, when you spot an adorable attire online, you can confirm in an instant that it is your size.

Always read customer reviews

Most online retailers leave an area for shopper reviews. That’s where you’re likely to get the real deal on how a garment actually fits.

Check the online return policy

Even if you’re fairly certain you’ll make a swift decision about your purchase, take the time to browse the return policy just to be sure you know all the ins and outs. Some policies are more liberal than others, of course, but it’s better to have all that info before you make a purchase.

Leave items in your shopping cart

If you don’t mind waiting a couple of days, create an online profile with the retailer and leave whatever you are buying in your shopping cart for a day or two. To encourage you to checkout, the retailer may offer you a little discount!

Adeniyi Ogunfowoke is a PR associate at Jumia Travels.

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