5 Major Signs He Is Not Ready To Put A Ring On...

5 Major Signs He Is Not Ready To Put A Ring On It

By Lipstiq on December 4, 2014
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Are you itching for that ring but not too sure if he is ready to get it for you? I’ve seen plenty of guys, who are now married that used to drink and sleep their way through town. I mean seriously, anything with a pair of legs, they would go for! The common thing about all guys is that they are never really ready to settle down, until one day, they are. So, how do you know if your man is not ready for the big C? Here are some of the main signs that maybe he’s nowhere near thinking about buying you a ring:

His talk of the future doesn’t include you – He is all for talking about his goals and dreams of becoming CEO of his own company and having a yacht called Aladdin but you’re nowhere to be found on that future yacht. If he talks about his future with only him as the main star, then he is definitely not ready for marriage.

He just can’t decide – You know his inability to get married to you may not have anything to do with you at all. It’s just the combination of himself and the lack of decision-making. If he cannot decide where he wants to live, don’t expect to decide on any other major life decisions.

He avoids family gatherings – Is it your grandparents’ 60th wedding anniversary and you have invited him for the big bash but he refuses to come along? This is probably because he doesn’t see your family as his future in-laws.

He is not keen on your friends – It is very important that the person you choose to spend the rest of your life with gets along with the people that you are surrounded by and vice versa. If he doesn’t like them and hardly makes the effort to get to know them then he’s probably far from ready for a serious relationship, let alone one that is meant to last forever.

He has too strong of an opinion – If he criticizes you a lot and just constantly making comments about how a certain dress makes you look “chubs” or any other disapproval of small things then he’s probably not ready. You deserve someone much better than this.

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