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5 Most Important Science-Proven Facts Everyone Should Know About Hormones

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[dropcap]H[/dropcap]ormones are the secretion of chemicals produced by the endocrine glands, and transmitted through the blood stream. They have a specific influence on the tissues they are present in. Think of them as special substances stored in different parts of the body. They play a huge role in the functioning of the body system.

It goes without saying that the absence, increase, or decrease of these chemicals within the body will have varying consequences on the body. Popular examples include adrenaline, estrogen, insulin, and testosterone. There are lesser known hormones which are also vital for physical wellbeing of people, especially as they grow older. You may need to consult an expert on Growth Hormone Therapy like https://hghtherapydoctor.us for guidance.

In this article, I will briefly outline and explain five important things everyone should know about hormones. The facts on my list are based on research and expert advice. The goal of this article is to share valid reasons why you should pay attention to the hormones in your body.

1. They Can Affect Stress Levels

A high level of cortisol in the body, which is released in response to stress reactions can predispose you to heightened stress and affect your productivity. Cortisol is good for your body, it reduces inflammation, controls bone formation, and regulates blood pressure, amongst other things. However, an excess level of cortisol in the body can cause headaches, digestive problems and weakness. To control your cortisol levels and manage stress, exercise, laugh, listen to music, and get adequate sleep.

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2. They Can Affect Your Libido

Estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone are the sex hormones. In women, pregnancy, menstruation, ovulation, breastfeeding and contraception can upset the balance of the sex hormones and affect sexual desire. In men, a dip in testosterone levels and sex drive can be caused by disease, certain medication and age.

Avoiding libido-reducing medication and taking hormone supplements can be helpful in boosting sex hormones.


3. They Can Prevent Reproductive Functions

Infertility has a very close relationship with the presence of hormones in the body. For instance, a hormonal disorder can prevent ovulation and consequently, pregnancy. In men, low testosterone can prevent the production of sperm, leading to sterility.

While medical interventions are available to boost sex hormone levels, an accurate diagnosis must be made if you notice symptoms of hormonal imbalance, such as the absence of periods in women.

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4. They Can Affect Your Mood

The thyroid hormones are secreted in the thyroid gland, which is located at the base of the neck. This hormone is responsible for regulating metabolism. As you can imagine, an abnormally in the production of the hormone is bound to cause major instability, which will ultimately show up in your mood. In the same vein, a reduction of insulin levels which regulates your blood sugar, can also make you feel demotivated and sullen.

So what can you do to maintain hormonal equilibrium and ensure that you’re in a good mood and at your best? Reduce your sugar intake, and keep your body from incessant attempts to regularize your blood sugar level. Also, try to adopt relaxation techniques such as massages.

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5. They Can Affect Your Weight

Did you know that hormones can make you hungry or disinterested in food? If you didn’t, let me introduce you to leptin and ghrelin! The former decreases your appetite, while the latter stimulates your appetite. Clearly, the reduction or increase of these two hormones will either make you lose or gain weight. So how do you maintain a healthy presence of these hormones?

Research has shown that excess consumption of fat in the body can make it unresponsive to leptin, ignoring the signals to stop eating. Therefore, a good plan to managing this hormone would be to cut down on the intake of fat and exercise regularly.

It’s amazing how much influence hormones have on us, isn’t it? I imagine that you probably feel overwhelmed right now, but if you’re eating and exercising right, and there’s no disease present, you should have good hormonal imbalance.

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