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5 Must-Read Tips for Single Pregnant Women

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Are you single and pregnant? Do you think you are the most miserable woman in the world? Stop thinking this way. Every year over a million women (both young and middle-aged) experience pregnancy alone. It’s not the end of the world and you should be thankful for being pregnant because many women are not able to have kids. Gone are the days when women were ashamed of being single mothers. Nowadays women are strong enough to raise their kids alone and they should be proud of it. Here are a few tips you should remember when going through pregnancy alone.

1. Join a pregnancy support group

As I mentioned above, there are many single pregnant women. Some of them have parents and friends, while others don’t have anyone to talk to. Joining a pregnancy support group will help you feel happier and enjoy your pregnancy. Moreover, you will learn many useful tips that you will need once your baby arrives. Whether you have such a group in your city or you find it online, join it and you will definitely feel less alone.

2. Make new friends

This advice may seem impossible for shy people…even for many outgoing people. Why? Because today people are too busy with their phones, tablets and laptops that they don’t have time and desire to chat with anyone. But don’t give up. Try to make as many friends as possible, especially if you know some single moms. They will inspire and encourage you to stay strong, positive and happy.

3. Spend more time with your family members

Just because you don’t have a husband doesn’t mean you are alone. If your family supports you, don’t deny it. Spend more time with them and share your joy together. Your parents might be happy to become grandparents or probably your aunt wants to be a godmother of your child. If your family members don’t approve of your pregnancy, stay away from them at least for a while. You need to hear positive things instead of complaints and rude comments. Look for someone who is truly happy for you. A neighbor or friend may become a part of your pregnancy and may lend a helping hand when you really need it. The world is full of kind people and sometimes a random stranger can make your life happier.

4. Look for a doula

A doula is a woman who is trained and experienced in childbirth. She helps a pregnant woman in any way she can and she is always there for you. A doula can even become your best friend, if no one approves of your decision to become a mother. You will feel more in control during labour and delivery.

5. Talk to your doctor

Unfortunately, many single pregnant women suffer from anxiety and depression and it has a big impact on fetus. Talk to your doctor every time you feel anxious or depressed. They may help you cope with negative thoughts and feelings and you will know that your baby is healthy and happy. It’s believed that positive pregnant women give birth to positive children.

It’s difficult to go through pregnancy alone, but it’s not the end of the world. I believe every woman can be happy without a man, especially if she has a child. If you are pregnant, I’m truly happy for you because having a baby is the best gift in life. Forget those who hurt you. Forgive them and move on. Now you should think about your baby too. Stay positive, eat healthy, take strolls each day and show everyone that it’s possible to be a happy single pregnant woman. We need role models in life, so why not become one?

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