5 Stress-Free Moving Tips

5 Stress-Free Moving Tips

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Moving to a new house after spending years at your old home can be stressful. There’s definitely a lot of packing to do. Not only that, there’s an emotional aspect to leaving behind all you know. Yes, moving can be more trouble than you first think. However, the process of moving can be made much less troublesome by following the below tips:

1.    Hire Professional Movers

Hiring a professional moving company can take a lot of stress out of the process. Surely, you will have to arrange transportation for all your stuff. There’s a difference between hiring movers and arranging long-haul transportation. Movers can actually assist you with the moving process and suggest you the best actions to take. Professional movers are also experienced and knowledgeable so they know how the process works. It’s recommended to hire movers locally. For example, if you are moving to Cochrane, Canada, hire local Cochrane movers who know the local area, rules and the best routes to take.

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2.    Start Packing Two Months in Advance

You can start packing even six months in advance. What’s important here is to avoid starting to pack late. It’s recommended to start packing six to eight weeks in advance. You can first pack the most difficult items to move, and also the items you don’t need for everyday use. Things like refrigerators may need to be moved about a week or two in advance to get to the destination on time. If you transport things too late, you may have to wait for them after you have arrived at your new destination.

3.    Pack Room by Room

To preserve peace of mind, it’s best to start packing room by room. Start with rarely used areas of the house like the attic or the garage early on as recommended above. Keep the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom for the last. Though you can still pack some items in the bedrooms early on. When you pack room by room, it will be easier to keep items belonging to one room together, so it’s more convenient when you unpack. There will be less chance of losing valuables when you pack in this manner.

Printable moving labels can be downloaded from websites for free.
4.    Label, Label, Label

Do not underestimate the power of labeling. Label every single box, package or parcel. Labeling everything makes unpacking easy for you. Also, the labels will indicate to which room the boxes go in the new house to those movers Cochrane you hired. If boxes are not labeled, the movers will just pile everything in the front yard or the living room and unpacking would become a nightmare.

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5.    Discuss the Move with Family

To keep the emotional stress at a minimum, discuss the moving process with other members of the family. Children, especially, will need emotional support and assurance as they will be leaving behind friends and familiar environments. Discuss organizing the move together as well to get things going smoothly without everyone getting antsy.

Follow the above suggestions, and you will be able to make the moving process less demanding emotionally and physically.


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