5 Things That You Should Do Before Travelling To India

5 Things That You Should Do Before Travelling To India

The Taj Mahal, Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India

Good travel is always a result of good planning. This applies to any vocational trip that you take. However, it is particularly true when you are travelling to a great destination like India. It can be tempting for you to just book a ticket and then start fantasizing about your upcoming getaway. However, there is a lot of work that you need to do before travelling to India. Here are tips to make your Indian getaway a success.

Check your passport and visa

As a German tourist visiting India, you will be required to have a visa. Applying for a visa can time-consuming and costly and you should get one as soon as possible. You need to ensure that you have your passport ready before you make any travel plans to India. The passport should be valid for about six months before you enter a foreign country. You will also need to renew your passport if its expiration date is approaching.

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Get an international driving permit

You will not have a successful trip if you do not plan it correctly. It is illegal to drive a vehicle without a valid driving license and insurance in India. Most vehicle rental firms will offer insurance. However, you will have to get an international driving permit from the National Auto club or AAA. You should also familiarize yourself with the Indian driving laws. You can also contact foreign embassies for regulations and official rules about driving.

Copies of travel documents

You should have several color copies of your passport’s bio data page stored in a safe place and should be separate from your passport. You need to make copies of your visas pertaining to your current travel. In addition, have extra copies of your hotel reservations and any other travel documents. In this digital era, it will be convenient and good to keep digital copies of all your documents as they will come in handy during your Indian travel. For a great experience, consider Reise nach Indien mit IndiaSomeday.com.

Get vaccinated and stock medicine

When travelling to India, you will need to get special vaccination and medicines to prevent different diseases. Make sure that you check the website of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for the best medical recommendations. Make sure that you check the list of health advisories for India to ensure that you are fully covered. If you are routinely taking any prescription drugs, ensure that you have adequate cover for the entire travel period. You should also pack non-prescription drugs when travelling to any remote areas.

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Check travel advisories and warning

Before traveling to India, you should check for any travel alerts or warnings. Travel warnings are issued by the country to ensure that travelers carefully consider whether they should travel to the destination or not. It is important that you check for these notices before you book an Indian trip and before you even depart. Make sure that you have contacts that you can call in India in case of any emergency.

Before travelling to India, you need to talk to your credit care providers and bank and let them know where you will be. This is important because the companies can freeze your cards when they see foreign charges without any notice that you are abroad. You should also be aware of the exchange rates and know the amount of cash that you plan on spending.

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