6 Astonishing Facts About Masturbation

6 Astonishing Facts About Masturbation

By Lipstiq on October 7, 2014
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This is one topic, that doesn’t come up a lot when it comes with women but apparently, most have been reported to ‘flick the bean’ at least once a week, according to a study done by the Journal of Sex Research.

Even though the numbers were small, researchers managed to gather 20 women all of which were of different ages, races, ethnicities and sexual orientations. Although the responses were different from each individual, most of these results leaned towards the more free-spirited women. Despite the difference in answers, we’re certain that you will find the outcome pretty engaging. Check out some of the most surprising facts about masturbation.

It doesn’t have to be romantic – This particular activity was compared by a woman to brushing her teeth in the morning. So, there is not a lot of effort that has to be put in when it comes to getting yourself aroused. It’s not complicated and it will surely leave you feeling great to start the day.

Women don’t do this – WRONG! So wrong. A lot of women have this misconception that masturbating is only reserved for the men. But in fact, some women admitted to doing it a few times a day, so it’s not only for the guys.

We’re clueless to how other women do it – While some have this idea that women masturbate by using a toy or self-penetration, most admitted to focusing on clitoral stimulation. Keep in mind, there is no “normal” way to get off, do whatever pleases you.

Sometimes it’s a chore – While most women enjoy masturbating, some admit to feeling like it’s a chore due to the fact that they aren’t able to finish with their partner or achieve an orgasm. Check out some tips online on how to masturbate and you will never feel like you’re vacuuming again.

It makes you happy – Many women said that pleasuring themselves is another way to get in tune with their bodies and allows them to accept everything about it. There are also other benefits to masturbating such as feeling pleasure and joy, relieving stress, trial and error on what makes you orgasm and basically just, orgasm!

We all do it – According to a research done by a university, most women do take time to jill off (the female slang for jacking off). Even if they don’t do it a few times a day, most have done it at least once in their lives. So, go ahead, diddle the skittle!

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