Woman Forgets Sex Toy In Her Vagina For 10 YEARS, Results In...

Woman Forgets Sex Toy In Her Vagina For 10 YEARS, Results In Serious Medical Situation

By Healthy Black Woman on October 7, 2014
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People do some interesting things when they are drunk. Some people will send racy texts to their exes. Others get up and dance on tables. One Scottish woman decided to play with a sex toy and it ended up causing her health to decline.

The 38 year old woman went to the doctor because she was having lethargy, severe weight loss, and she had been shaking. She also claimed that over the last few weeks she had been suffering from incontinence.

Upon their initial exam x-rays revealed that there was a mass that was protruding from the vagina up into the bladder. It had perforated the walls of the bladder. The doctors at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary performed surgery immediately and were shocked to find that the mass was actually a 5 inch long sex toy.

They were even more shocked when they found out how long that toy had been inside of her body.

The woman admitted that 10 years prior she had gotten drunk and was playing with the toy when sleeping with her partner. She stated that she didn’t remember at the time if she had removed it or not. She obviously did not check to make sure. While a toy stuck inside of someone’s body may not seem like that big of a deal, being in there so long caused serious damage. She ended up with life-threatening injuries.

The hiding toy had not only perforated the bladder but caused a condition called “vesicovaginal fistula” which would cause the urine from the bladder to leak into the vagina.

This is why she was experiencing what she thought was incontinence but was actually urine leaking from the vaginal canal. While the urine was leaking into places it didn’t belong it was backing up into places that it shouldn’t be either. The toy caused a blockage in the pathways to the bladder so urine started backing up into her kidneys.

The woman was able to be discharged a short time after she had her surgery. The doctors repaired all of the damage that the toy had done. They were very surprised that no one had found this in 10 years as the vagina is very sensitive. They were surprised that none of her partners over the years had felt it either.


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