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Are you tired of your home’s décor? Changing your home’s interior design can be done by adding some luxury features such as sheer curtains or enhancing your patio with smart bistro-style blinds. Updating your home’s look can be easily done without having to undergo a major overhaul.

Instead of putting your house on the market because you think a new home will give you more luxury, save yourself the hassles of selling. Look at your old home from a different perspective and consider updating it with fresh and modern décor.

Interior designers are always looking for ways to bring more elegance into a home. Whether you’re going with the minimalist look or the rustic farmhouse appeal, these tips will give you some great ideas—so you can do it yourself even without a designer.

1. Bring in Natural Light with Sheer Curtains

Curtains are one way of changing the look of any room. You can go with different patterns, colours and designs. One way of bringing some elegance into any room is using sheer curtains. These curtains are designed to bring in the natural light, while keeping you private from prying eyes.

Bring some luxury into your home with the various designs of sheer curtains Melbourne homeowners are using in their own homes. You can pick between patterned sheer fabrics or keep it simple with plain voile style. Either way, your home will look sophisticated in no time at all.

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2. Open Up the Space – Go Minimalist

Decluttering is a good way of opening up space in your home and creating an illusion of luxury. You can start by getting rid of the ornaments cluttering up your shelves, coffee tables and dressers. Go through each room and view every piece of furniture with a critical eye. Do you really need grandma’s rocking chair in the lounge?

By moving out the pieces you no longer need in each room, you’ll immediately open up the space. You can also be strategic in how you place your furniture, allowing for more free flow around the room. The minimalistic design is a great way of creating a luxury look in your home.

3. Update the Upholstery

While you’re checking out your furniture, ask yourself if the upholstery could do with some changes. The couches from your student days may still be comfortable. But, changing the dull brown fabric to bright or natural colours will instantly create a look of elegance in your living room.

Sprucing up with new scatter cushions or sewing pillowcases with new fabric can go a long way to smartening up any room. With so many new fabrics designs and colours available, you’ll be able to rejuvenate any dull piece of furniture in an instant.

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4. Be Creative With Paint

Paint is another way of bringing in freshness and a new look to your home. In one day, you can change the look of a room by getting creative with paint. Go with natural hues or bring out the wild spirit in you and pick some of the bright and funky colours available.

A fresh coat of paint not only updates your home overnight but it’s a great way of adding some luxury if you’re clever with your colour choice. Think rich emerald green or soft peachy orange. How about romantic greys or baby blues? Any of these colour choices will create the luxury feel you’re looking for in your home.

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5. Change Your Lighting

Be honest. Are your light fixtures still the same ones from when you bought your home ten years ago? They most likely have been in your home for longer than that and if they are, they’re making your home look drab. By changing the lighting with more modern designs, you’re immediately adding luxury and elegance.

New light fixtures could include changing the pendant lights in the kitchen or going with contemporary pool lights in the playroom. Ultra-thin surface mounted lights add instant elegance to the hallway while a modern chandelier in the lounge will uplift the room in a flash.

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6. Modernise the Patio

Often, we forget our outdoor entertainment area. But, you can bring in a touch of luxury by adding some outdoor blinds to your patio. Modern blinds have been designed to add aesthetics and functionality to your outdoor room. You can pick bistro-style blinds or go with a shutter design.

The range of outdoor blind designs is vast and you don’t have to stick to your old canvas drop down blinds anymore. What’s more, if you feel like splashing out, consider impressing your guests with motorised blinds.

Final Thoughts

Your home is probably one of your most valuable assets. But, it’s also the place you come back to for tranquillity, comfort and enjoyment. You can have fun with your home and spruce it up whenever you feel like it. It’s easy to add some luxury and elegance if that’s your preference.

By using these designer tips, you can update your home instantly. Be it the curtains or the light fixtures or creating more space, you can modernise your home overnight. Have fun and start adding some luxury to your home. You deserve it!


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