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6 Erogenous Zones In Men That Drive Them Crazy

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Women generally know how to make their men happy, but do you know there are erogenous zones on his body that will drive him crazy?

We list the 6 erogenous zones in men that you should start working on!

Sensually swirl your tongue into his ears, nipple and suck on his ear lobes. Whisper into his ‘right’ ear what you would like to do to him, as the right ear is connected with the part of the brain that controls happiness.

Men have certain erogenous points around the neck – it can above the collarbone or at the end of his hairline. The best option is to work on two pleasure points at the same time, like nibbling his ear lobes while caressing the nape of his neck.

Scrotum is sensitive and responds best to light fingertip caresses, licking, gentle sucking, stroking. If the fondling is not tender, the skin loses sensitivity. Remember that the testicles are sensitive and should never be gripped hard or bitten in the heat of passion – which can kill his ardour forever.

Always ask if you can suck them, all men don’t enjoy it. Again gently!

The ridge between the back of his scrotum and his anus is the Perineum. Pressure with the fingertips at the mid point of the ridge can induce an erection or restore a flagging one.

Explore every inch of his body from his big toe to his big grin. Massage the length of the spine, buttocks, inside of the thigh, biceps with lotion. Physical contact itself is one way to heighten the passion.

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