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8 Beautiful And Innocent Traits Guys Find Very Endearing In Women

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What do guys find attractive in girls? What does it take to win a man’s heart? Not much, actually, but it has to be the right not much. We all know that men are extremely visually focused, more so than women, and that’s a result of evolution.

They have to be visually focused, that’s what nature prescribes for the gender that used to hunt the mammoths. So, they can’t help but turn their head after a pretty girl but this doesn’t mean that they instantly fall for her.

No, they are simply registering an attractive specimen, sorry. Men are just not as shallow as that, and this is good news for us, isn’t it? Here are some of the traits and qualities that can make a guy fall head over heels in love with you.

1. Honesty

We all appreciate honesty, but, well, not all the time. Most of us would rather like that their best friend kept her opinion about their new mini skirt to herself, right? Guys, however, like it straight. They don’t like verbal or behavioural obscurity, because they get confused. Nobody likes to be confused, so even if you think it’s playful to give a man mixed signals, it’s actually annoying for them.

2. Likability

People who like other people are generally likable because of this characteristic. It’s true that giving off a hint of misanthropy could be alluring but that’s just up to a point. As a rule, misanthropists don’t have many friends and lovers. Of course they wouldn’t, they hate people! So, if you genuinely believe that humankind is, overall, more good than bad, then you’re a target for affection. What goes around, comes around.

3. Kindness and positivity

This one’s linked to likability but it deserves its own entry on this list. The ugly truth about today’s world is that kindness is becoming rarer and rarer. This is only natural given the growing alienation between people, the horrors we see in the news on a daily basis, and whatnot. All this has made kindness even more attractive. Besides, kindness spreads positivity and most guys like positivity.

4. Joy

The ability to enjoy life is immensely attractive. It’s infectious too, which is even better. People with that specific trait are like magnets for attention and not because they go looking for it. No, it is just catching. Some are fortunate enough to be born with it but even the rest of us can acquire it if we put our minds to it. It only has advantages, after all: you will feel happier for most of the time instead of gloomily focusing on the latest news report about an event that you have no control over.

5. Confidence 

This one is difficult to fake but given what we said about being honest, you don’t have to fake it. If you are confident, however, do not hide it for fear that you might intimidate someone, but also don’t overstress it, because that will certainly create the risk of you becoming annoying. You know the best part? Guys like shy girls, as long as it’s genuine. Shyness, by the way, not infrequently comes off as confidence. It’s an unconscious reaction when you try to protect yourself. Being shy creates an air of mystery around you, and this air of mystery is irresistible.

6. Good appetite

OK, that’s not really a personality trait but it is an important part of the overall impression we create in people. You may watch your weight all you want but when you’re on a date get loose a bit and don’t just sit with a salad, while your date gets a three-course meal. These things create a sense of awkwardness and awkwardness is not good. Of course, if you’re not hungry that’s fine, but then don’t go to a dinner date, choose to do something else instead. If you do go to dinner, remember: men like girls who eat.

7. Presence 

Women tend to analyse every single gesture and word, that’s known and it is the subject of many jokes. The problem with this is that sometimes when we are with a date, we are only present in body but not in mind, as we turn a phrase he said yesterday over and over in our minds. Why not just ask him what he meant? Then forget about it and enjoy your time together. Nobody likes to have a conversation with a person who’s too preoccupied with their own thoughts. Be there.

8. Be you 

What do guys find attractive in girls? The real you! The surest way to lose a guy is to pretend to be someone you’re not. Playing hard to get is a loser. Being hard to get because you’re unsure whether you really are interested in a guy, is a winner. Pretending to be shy is silly and so is trying to convey the confidence you don’t have. Just be yourself, it’s the easiest thing in the world and it will attract to you the right men.

What do guys find attractive in girls in your opinion?

Stay happy!

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