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6 Morning Tips To Increase Your Happiness

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The world today has sped up from previous generations, and in a developing metropolitan city like Bengaluru, that is no different. However, here are some simple ways of shaping your mornings to allow you to remain happy and comparatively stress-free, even in the middle of the hustle and bustle…

Sleep with your curtains or blinds half-open
This is probably the simplest method, as you let your body do the work for you, allowing the natural early sunlight to send signals to your body to slow down production of melatonin and start producing adrenaline. This will help you be half-awake when your alarm rings, skipping that sudden jolt which can make you irritable.

Set your alarm 15 minutes in advance
This will provide you with 15 more precious minutes to stretch, think and wake up gradually, instead of having to jump out of bed and rush to start your day. Eventually your body clock will match your alarm clock as well.

Free your mind from decision making
Making decision, even simple ones, can be a source of stress. So to bypass this just decide what you’re going to wear, eat and your overall plan for the next day before you go to sleep. This can be further strengthened by sticking to a routine, thereby reducing the number of decisions you’d even have to make the previous night in the first place.

Listen to music, or just reserve some private time.
Spend at least 10-15 minutes doing whatever gives you a feeling of peace and calm. Whether it’s listening to an artiste or band you love, or reading a book, make sure you spend some ‘me time’ before the chaos of the day can begin.

Exercise for 30 minutes
Exercising has obvious and well known benefits, but doing so in the morning has two specific pros that are worth paying attention to.

Namely, exercising in the morning allows you to get it out of the way, which prevents the possibility of the numerous distractions of the day stopping you. This will help you stick to it, since its part of your morning routine. Endorphins will also be produced, which will last for most of your day.

Kiss your loved ones before walking out the front door
Connecting with your parents, spouses, children and even your pets, will help you start your day on the right foot, raise your spirits, and subconsciously (at the-very-least) remind you what and for who you’re going out for in the first place.

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