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6 Most Expensive Sex Toys To Make Her Scream In Pleasure (PHOTOS)

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Ditch men, sex toys might be the thing right about now for maximum sexual satisfaction, although they could cost one a fortune to obtain one.

Unbelievably, these toys could worth as much as N200 million.

Check out six of the most expensive sex toys and their prices.

  1. THE ROYAL PEARL – $1 Million: Designed by Australian jeweller, Colin Burn, this sex toy is the world’s most expensive made of sapphires, pearls, platinum, and over 1,000 diamonds!

  2. JCOBRA RING – $65,988: It is worn around the penis to give harder erections and stronger orgasms.

  3. VICTOR PHANTASM DILDO – $54,093: This is the ultimate erotic indulgence for maximum satisfaction and comes with diamond engagement ring in the middle of the two components.

  4. INEZ DILDO – $15,000: This is the world-renowned luxury vibrator that offers immense pleasures made of 24-Karat gold or stainless steel for individuals and couples for maximum pleasure. Celebrity couple, Jay Z and Beyoncé Knowles allegedly bought this piece in 2014.

  5. LITTLE PLATINUM ETERNITY – $3,500: It is a discreet, powerful bullet vibrator made of platinum and encrusted with diamonds.

  6. EARL BUTT PLUG – $2,590:  This is the most distinguished anal plug in sex toy made of 24 karat gold and comes with free cufflinks.

The above vibrators obviously aren’t in the price range of many.  To find the best vibrators that are much more affordable check out Vibrator Vixens guide.

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