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6 Qualities That Make You Great In Bed

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Being great in bed does not necessarily mean you have to be a master of 101 positions and posses amazing acrobat-like flexibility. It also doesn’t mean you have to know how to replicate whatever it is you see in porn.

It’s all about subtle things and more realistic factors – ones that you may already have. If you’re not too sure, then we’re here to help you nurture those skills so that you can blow his mind in the bedroom.

Don’t be judgemental – It may sound a little risqué but be open to hearing out your partner’s fantasy. You don’t necessarily have to partake but how bad can it be to try something new?

You can be adventurous – Instead of always getting down in the bedroom, why not try do it in different areas of the home you share with your partner. The kitchen counter is not only for preparing breakfast ya’ know.

Enjoy oral – A lot of us give oral because we feel like we have to instead of actually enjoying the entire process. If you love receiving then you should love giving just as much. Guys can tell whether or not you’re actually enjoying the job down there.

Put your partner before yourself – When it comes to being intimate in the bedroom, putting your partner’s needs above your own can be so beneficial. We’re not saying your orgasms aren’t important ‘cos they are but treat your partner how you would want to be treated in bed.

Be yourself – Sometimes people try too hard to be passionate or mimic what they seen in the movies or even porn. But being great in bed ultimately boils down to your partner and you being your complete selves, enjoying the intimate moment you’re both in.

You’re not self conscious – Only you care about how much cellulite is showing on your thighs. Trust us when we tell you that guys do not notice these things nor do they care. All they see is you and your wonderful womanly curves. Confidence is the sexiest asset anybody can have.


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