6 Reasons On Why You Should Keep Fresh Flowers At Home

6 Reasons On Why You Should Keep Fresh Flowers At Home

By Donna William | Lifestyle Editor on February 21, 2019
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Have you ever think about putting fresh flowers in vases to decorate your home? You can easily put them in places like dining table, and parlor table. You don’t need to have flower arranging skills to put fresh flower decor in your home. Just grab a bunch of different flowers and put them in a vase, and they will make a nice display. The following are 6 reasons why you should keep fresh flowers at home.

1. Uplifting to Your Mood

Some people feel boring at home and they just need something to perk up their mood. Fresh cut flowers could be the cure to solve your boredom. The sweet fragrance of flowers can increase your mood, and you will suddenly feel you have the energy to continue your daily routine. Boredom can lead to sickness but a good mood can prevent any sickness from occurring. A higher mood can also open one’s heart and act more compassionately towards other.


2. Filter and Keep the Air in the Room Clean

Cut flowers, like real plant, can improve the atmosphere and gives you healthier air to breathe. It acts as an air filter that remove the toxins in the air. It can assist with improving the health of your lungs of you have problems like breathlessness. It will also give you a sounder night rest as cut flowers can breathe out 10 times more oxygen than a plant that is carry out photosynthesis in the daytime.

3. Complement with Your Home Interior

Flower offers a cheap way to decorate your home. It can instantly revamp the look and feel of the room without you having to spend money on buying furniture. You can try flower bouquet with different combinations to see how they can change the room’s atmosphere. If you grow some flowers in your garden, you can always cut some of them to put in the flowers.

If you don’t have any flower bed in your garden, you can buy some cheap flowers from the florist. You only have to spend once every 2 – 3 weeks to change new flowers. To increase the freshness of the flowers, you must use the proper way to look after it. When choosing the flowers, make sure they match with the interior of your home.

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4. Produce Positive Physiological Effects

Many hospitals don’t allow people to send flowers to patients due to complaints that the bugs on the plants causing problems like skin rashes, or pollen from the flower causing asthma. However, giving flowers to a sick patient is not necessarily bad.

In fact, research shows that it can produce positive physiological effects on the patients. Because flower has the ability to perk up mood, they can also subsequently helps in calming down a person’s and reducing the high blood pressure. When a patient is in a better mood, he will feel less fatigue and have more energy to speak to the visitors.

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 5. Reduce Stress

Putting flowers at home have positive benefit on people who do a stressful work as it has the ability to destress and help a person to relax better. You can arrange some cut flowers in a vase if there is a person in your home that is studying to prepare for an exam or working on a large project. Flower is an affordable luxury that can save you from illness caused by stress.


6. Improve Cognitive Performance

Flower is also said to improve cognitive performance and inspire a person to become creative. You can put some fresh flowers at home to inspire yourself if you are an artist, writer or project manager and you feel stuck with no idea coming into your head. Maybe it is the beauty and fragrance of the flowers that provide the inspiration which encourages you to exercise the best from within yourself.


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