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6 Ways To Become IRRESISTIBLE To Men

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Lips pouted and wine glass in hand, you walk around at your friend’s party only to realise no one is watching you. If just the thought is depressing enough, then you have still to learn a thing or two about attracting the right guy. Read on as we show you the fine art of being a ‘man magnet’.

1. Dress to kill: Did you know that the colour red has the ability to attract a man’s attention? Be it a glossy red lipstick, a gorgeous red outfit or a pair of killer red stilettos – you can actually pull him towards you without much effort. A little skin show won’t hurt either! 😉

2. Make eye contact: If you want to be a man magnet, you have to show that you are interested and ‘available’! So how do you do that? Make eye contact, of course. But before that, you must master the art of grabbing his attention. You could either casually stare at the guy and exchange a few stolen glances or smile and blush to let him know that you are interested.

3. Power of touch: Once you have nailed the eye contact, prepare to strike up a conversation with the guy. A subtle smile will attract him and get you closer to him. Maintain a confident poise, and indulge in some harmless flirting by keeping your hand on his shoulder while sharing a joke. A tingle of excitement will surely make him lose balance. 😉

4. Flaunt the right attitude: Men don’t like loud women, so take it easy. It is more about flaunting the right attitude that makes you a man magnet. Wear a positive attitude and show him that you are an ambitious woman. It’s clearly a turn on, trust us.

5. Wear a smile: A smile costs nothing, so work it, babe! Men are drawn to women who are happy and confident. Wearing a smile on your face will certainly help in making an impression. So flash that gorgeous smile and win a few hearts today!

6. Feel sexy: Last but not the least, shed your inhibitions and be the woman you always wanted to be – smart, beautiful and sexy! Don’t be afraid to show off your wilder side, but also remember to stay grounded. Seeing a woman who knows to balance herself will make him go weak in his knees for sure.

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