6 Ways To Get Amazon Reviews Legally

6 Ways To Get Amazon Reviews Legally

By Dana Hughes | Business Contributor on February 20, 2020
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Amazon sellers live and die by the review. Whether you believe it or not heading into building your Amazon business, you’ll quickly find that the very best way to build authority, brand awareness, and even sales is to have good reviews. It’s what every Amazon buyer wants to see.

A survey published by BrightLocal found that 90 percent of consumers read reviews about companies before they decide to work with that business. The survey also found that people read, on average, 10 reviews, before making a decision.

We live in a very busy world where people do not have a lot of time to leave reviews. It’s quite common for people to move on after making a purchase and only come back if there’s a problem. So how do you get links – in the right manner – to ensure your product listing is getting the attention you need?

First, know what type of review you need. Specifically, it’s best to seek out Amazon Verified Purchase Reviews. These reviews are the most credible in consumer’s eyes because it means Amazon has verified that the person writing the review actually bought the product. They didn’t receive that product for free or at significant savings.

Get Your Friends in on the Game

One of the best ways to get attention to your product is to encourage people you know, such as family and friends, to buy the product and to leave a review of it. You don’t want anyone to be dishonest here. Rather, authentic, detailed reviews make all of the difference. You would hope that your family and friends would leave positive reviews for you, but you also want to know that they’ve used the product and benefited from it.

Create an Email List That Encourages Brand Recognition

When you work with an e-commerce marketing agency, have them set up an email list for your Amazon business. That list is perhaps one of the best ways to get ongoing reviews for your products. You’ll be able to send emails to the people who have purchased from you. You can, in those emails, ask for them to review your products. Amazon allows you to do this – it has features built in to allow you to connect with your customers through email after they have made a purchase. It gets them back to the site, too, which can help to drive sales even further.

Provide Exceptional Service

While it’s true that people love to complain about their bad experiences, most people also love to rave about their good ones! That’s why providing exceptional customer service to your customers in some way allows you to stand out enough to get a raving review. It’s important to ensure your product is:

  • Accurately represented
  • Clearly described
  • Honestly portrayed
  • Valuable
  • Precise

Even that common review of “arrived as described” is an important positive review. That’s what helps to give consumers considering your product the encouragement to buy from you.

Have Someone Well Known Help You Out

Social media influencers are a powerful tool that can also help you to get more sales for your product – but also more reviews for it. Influencers have power in social media to attract attention to things that no one else recognizes. Now, there are rules here. You cannot ask them to provide a review in exchange for a free product. You can, though, reach out to them to promote your product through web meetings and email. This is an excellent way to get product reviews legally on Amazon – and your e-commerce marketing agency can often help you to find the right avenue for approaching this.

Ask for Reviews from Your Followers

You probably have a few social media pages. These are pages that customers who buy on Amazon tend to like and come back to after they have purchased your product. There’s nothing wrong with asking for reviews of your product on these pages. Simply turn to your followers, ask them to buy your product on Amazon if they have not, and then ask them to leave a review if they have made a purchase. Give them some incentive or benefit to doing so. This can be as simple as stating that you want to continue to offer them the best price and access through Amazon.

Offer an Incentive for Doing So

It is most certainly legal to get Amazon reviews in this manner. You can offer a discount on your product on Amazon in a way to get more buyers for your products. You can also discount your product on your website or through your other marketing challenges. Consider using forums, social media accounts, and other tools as a way to get people to buy and leave a review.

Offer discounts for honest Amazon reviews. Focus on this specifically. That is the best way to get fast reviews on Amazon. However, you can also put out a discount offer for anyone that leaves a review of your product. That can compel them to be willing to offer that review since they received a savings.

The Biggest Resource for Getting Amazon Reviews Legally Is Simple

You just have to ask. After a customer makes a purchase and receives it, send a follow-up email through the system. Ask them to leave a review of your product. Keep your message short and sweet. You want them to leave the review as soon as possible after they’ve received it as that ensures they provide accurate information.

Reviews are a key component of success in Amazon business models. Yet, they do not have to be intimidating to get. Just like any other business would, reach out to your customers, find out how you can impress them more so, and how you can ensure they are always satisfied enough that they want to leave a review for you.  

Let your e-commerce marketing agency help you with ensuring you gain access to the reviews you need to do well.


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