Which Of The 7 Deadly Sins Of Coffee Are You Guilty Of?

Which Of The 7 Deadly Sins Of Coffee Are You Guilty Of?

By Dana Hughes | Business Contributor on December 18, 2017

Coffee is a quick pick-me-up drink that many people enjoy. What you probably didn’t know is that you could be doing things that interfere with the taste and quality of your beverage. Whether you use a drip coffee maker or a De’Longhi Ecam 22110sb cappuccino and latte maker, you could be making mistakes. So, which of the 7 deadly sins of coffee are you guilty of?

1. Your Machine

How often do you clean your machine? If your answer is never then you’re committing this sin and it’s ruining your coffee. Old bits of grounds get stuck and dirty water sits on the bottom. This will make your coffee taste subpar. Purge your coffee machine by running water through the body and the wand since it will clean the machine out. This should be done before and after using the machine. It sounds like a pain, but if you get into the habit of doing it every time, it won’t seem like such a hassle. Plus, it will ensure that your machine stays clean and makes a cleaner tasting cup of coffee, which will make all the difference in taste.


2. The Freezer

Many people think that storing their coffee in the freezer will keep it fresh. This is simply not true. The fridge and freezer have a lot of moisture which is death to coffee flavor. A better solution to storing your coffee is an air-tight container. Put it in a cool, dark place. Air and moisture are coffee’s worst enemies; so if you can protect against those two variables, your coffee will stay fresh. Don’t commit the sin of improper storage. Instead, store your coffee the way it’s meant to be stored and your beans will thank you for it by providing the best taste they can.

3. Bean Types

Pre-ground beans are the worst. Are you guilty of this sin? They are exposed to air and moisture and that sucks the flavor right out of them. The oils that produce the flavor of the coffee are stored in the beans, so once they’re ground, the oils are quickly lost. Also, pre-ground beans are at risk for contamination. The best thing to do is to buy whole beans and grind them just before you’re going to use them. This will ensure their flavors stay rich.

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4. Price

Don’t buy cheap beans! When it comes to coffee, the more expensive beans really are better. Don’t be guilty of the sin of being a cheapskate when it comes to your coffee beans; it’ll only hurt you in the end. You don’t have to spend a fortune but paying a little more for the better quality beans will make a big difference in flavor. So find a better quality, pricier brand you really like and stick to it. It will make all the difference in flavor. This will still be cheaper than going to your local coffee shop every day and buying a cup.

5. Sugar

A lot of people enjoy sugar with their coffee. The problem with this is that sugar tends to mess with the pure flavors of the coffee and change them. Of course, if you just can’t have your coffee without a little bit of sugar in it, you can add a little. But be aware that you’re changing the purity of the coffee.


6. Milk

Be careful not to burn your milk if your particular beverage requires it. Drinks such as cappuccino and lattes require heated milk. Good coffee is warm, but not completely scalding. If you have to warm your milk, do so gently and be aware of the temperature. Burned milk will alter the flavor of your coffee, making it taste terrible. So be careful when you warm your milk. Burning it is an unforgivable flavor sin.

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7. Measuring

Coffee has a particular grounds to water ratio and yours will depend on the size of your basket. Don’t just throw in whatever looks good and brew. Measure the correct amount so that you get the best tasting cup. So read the instructions that come with your coffee or espresso maker for the best grounds to water ratio. You want to have the best tasting cup of coffee possible and this is a simple way to get it done. This is just a sign of laziness, so don’t commit it.

Finally, coffee is a great beverage for anyone who needs a little energy boost. It’s tasty, rich, and full of caffeine. It’s also great for warming you up on cold days. Or, in the case of iced coffee, cooling you down on those hot summer days. But if you commit any of the 7 deadly sins of coffee making, you could be ruining the flavor experience for yourself. So make sure that you don’t sin and keep your coffee tasting heavenly. Your taste buds will thank you for it.

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