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7 Things You Must Tell Your Partner

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A relationship is based on conversation between the two people involved, more than anything else. At times, there’s no way around but to be vocal about certain things, when with your partner. While it may be hurtful or unpleasant at the moment, more than often, it does good in the long haul. Here are seven thing you must let your partner know, to be in a healthy relationship.

1. Sex? Not now, please
So you are not in the mood to do it and he is probing you about the same? Don’t just give in to his demands or feel obliged to do the bed-deed, because it’s OK to say no. Be vocal about times when you don’t want to have sex. This is an important detail you should not keep away from him.

2. My expectations
Where’s this relationship heading at? You prefer the FWB (friends with benefits) bit, or is this something much more than the regular attraction, or are you sure about a future with this man? These are things he needs to know, because well, you’ve got to be sure how he feels about it too, right?

3. Love? Not you
You’ve been with this man for four years, but in between met another ‘Mr Right’. Let him know about this. It is important, and don’t just ignore the conversation because you think it’ll break his heart. If so, you will be extremely unfair not only to yourself, but also to the two other men involved.

4. I spent that much…
A little spending here and there can be information avoided. But if you’ve had a major dent in your wallet like never before, or bought something unimaginably extravagant, be it jewellery, property or something else under the sun, it’s best you let your man know. Such matters do make a difference at times.

5. I’m upset
His aunt taunted you on the way you dress, or his brother’s girlfriend has made it clear that she thinks you’re annoying; anything to do with his family or friends that makes you uncomfortable, discuss with him. Tell him what you feel about it and also ask him if there’s anything you can do to save the situation.

6. Likes, dislikes and more
Things that end up being a bone of contention, in the long run, such as likes, dislikes, preferences in terms of food and other activities, also serious past relationships, must not be kept a secret from your partner. You don’t want to run into troubled waters later in life, would you?

7. I need space
Sometimes you just need your lone time and then there’s no two ways about it. But make sure when you do need that space of your own, you tell your guy the same, so you can avoid any conflicts at the moment. You know, he wouldn’t know what you feel at the moment unless you tell him.

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