7 Tips For Starting To Write A Research Paper

7 Tips For Starting To Write A Research Paper

By Mitchel Jordon | Tech Contributor on February 21, 2019
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Being a student is hard enough while you’re writing essays, but doing research papers can be even more confusing. Whenever you try to focus and get some special tools for your research, you don’t know where to end it and the whole process becomes messy. You have no idea how to start a paper, how to write well, how to manage your time when you should turn the text in and get someone to grade it.

We know how it is for students. A research paper requires a lot of knowledge and it’s the hardest from all the assignments. That’s why we prepared 7 tips for all the students in need of help.

1. Read And Take Notes

It may be obvious, but some teenagers don’t take reading literature and taking notes in class as essential for future projects. Ay task you will be given depends on you listening to your professor and taking down important information they will give you. As long as your research paper is based on your topic insight, you can get more than 60% of information from individual notes.

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2. Manage Your Time Schedule

Student life can become crazy very quickly, especially if you’re a social person, have a lot of friends, a relationship, a part-time job or a start-up project, and moreover, you also want to communicate with your parents. Sometime you can’t get enough time for assignments, yet, you need to plan out your time and say no to other tasks. Have a daily schedule and include writing a part of your paper there.

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3. Experiment With Ways to Make Writing a Habit

Along with creating a schedule for your paper, you can also include an hour of practicing writing with opened themes just for your own experience. Yes, it can fail once, but there are tricks to make this habit stick:

  • try to make writing your prioritized task as long as you’re still studying, drop your daily TV show or drinking with friends;
  • search through topics and find several ones that will make you want to write consistently;
  • motivate yourself by taking up a small goal at a time.

4. Figure Out Your Tools

You have to get some help while writing your research paper, no doubt. This task can become too much for a student and when you say “I need help writing my research paper”, these tools will be the best option for you. Microsoft Word or Google Docs can be perfect for writing a long text, Zotero and Endnote are perfect reference tools, Grammarly is one of the best editing software apps out there.

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5. Prepare an outline or diagram of your ideas

When most of the students wonder how to write an outline, it may appear as one of the toughest tasks out of all. Yet, this is the easiest task, especially if your outline is informal. You can simply get all the main points down in any manner, as long as it’s comfortable and helpful for you.

6. Create a Table of Contents and Get Feedback

When you have your introductory paragraph and a simple draft, you should make a table of contents, which will quickly summarize what your paper consists of. It’s best to give your essay to your professor or a tutor so they can check it and it gives you some criticism before you type out a completed version of your creation.

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7. Practice And Don’t Forget To Take Breaks

Practice daily and be sure to make it your ultimate hobby for the time you’re still in the college, especially if you’re planning to work in the writing industry. Most importantly, don’t forget to take an occasional break and clear your brain out. Eat well, prepare snacks for every study session and be sure to drink enough water.

When the time to do research and write your paper comes, don’t be frightened and use our tips to make it manageable. Plan your time well so you won’t get stumbled across your job and relationships; it can be a massive burden when you have a ton of assignment to work on. Prioritize your college tasks over personal life but don’t forget about your needs and don’t let your body suffer. Most importantly, don’t forget to ask for help if it becomes too tough to get through and your professor will definitely give you a helping hand on the text.


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