8 Beauty Products You Can Share With Your Man

8 Beauty Products You Can Share With Your Man

By Beauty And Tips on June 2, 2015
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Today’s unusual topic is about things your can share with your man. Yes, guys also like (and, even, need) to take care of themselves! ? Let’s find out which beauty products you can share with your gentleman:

1) Shampoo and conditioner

These two products are essential and common inhabitants of our bathrooms. Nevertheless, shampoos and conditioners made for guys, usually, are very basic and tend to focus on solving some simple problems, such as dandruff and hair frizz. Hair care products made for ladies, on the other hand, are, usually, more researched and sophisticated; girl’s shampoos and conditioners can have a lot more benefits: help to add volume, make hair more shiny, and even, some have lightening or darkening effects, therefore, ladies, don’t hesitate and share these two products with your guy.

2) Facial scrub

Regular exfoliation is an essential and necessary ingredient for healthy looking and glowing skin, both for men and women. This is why, ladies, if you generously share your high end luxury facial scrub with your gentleman, he will, definitely, become a fan and, may be, he even will buy the same one for himself to use. Smooth, beautiful and soft skin never hurts anyone!

3) Your eye cream

Both men and women, often, have problems of fine lines and wrinkles around eye area. To combat this inconvenient problem, propose your man to try your favorite eye cream, explain him when and how to apply it and he will most likely be hooked.

4) Your hand cream

If you notice that your man has dry and hard to touch hands, advice him to try your favorite hand cream or oil. Men, obviously, won’t use a hand cream on a regular basis, but they can definitely enjoy the benefits of it form time to time.

5) Your sunblock cream

Lovebirds can easily share one and the same sunblock protective cream. Guys are hit by the sun as much as girls, therefore, advice your man to protect his face from damaging sun rays on a regular basis; propose him to try your favorite sunblock cream. Ideally, your sunblock should be one that looks undetectable on the skin and has natural, matte finish. Your man, probably, will like it. Sharing is caring!

6) Your hairstyling products

Hairstyling products made for guys are less numerous than those made for ladies, therefore, share your hair gel, your shine spray, volume maximizer and hair lightening spray with your man and he won’t be able to do without those products any more.

7) Lip balm

Well, i don’t recommend that you and your gentleman use the same lip balm on a regular basis, but your can make your man try yours and, if he likes it, you will get him the same. Actually, lip balms made for guys, often, are less nourishing and hydrating, than those made for girls. Only, avoid making him try your bubble gum or cherry one; make your man try a lip balm with neutral and mild fragrance and then, watch it disappear!

8) Face wash

This is what once happened to me: I gave my boyfriend my face wash to try and then, he started to use it constantly. This is what happens when your product is one of great quality! Actually, ladies, it’s totally ok to share your face wash with your gentleman, because face washes made for ladies are, usually, a lot more gentle and kind to the skin, than those made for guys.

So, ladies, when you’ve already shared all your goodies with your gentleman, now, take over his shaving cream and shave your legs with it! As, I’ve already mentioned above, sharing is caring! ?

Do you like to share your beauty products with your man? Feel free to express your thoughts in the comment’s section below.

Stay happy and smile often!

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