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8 Craziest Things Ever Found In A Human Body [LOOK]

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We suggest you finish your lunch before reading this article. From magnets to human hair, we present you with 8 craziest things ever found in human bodies.

1 craziest things

Spider – During the summer of 2012, a woman from China checked into a hospital complaining about her ear. Apparently, it was itching her a lot. When Dr. Liu Sheng inspected her ear, she couldn’t believe her eyes. An actual spider was living in her ear canal. According to doctors, the spider crawled in her ear five days earlier, while she was sleeping. They successfully removed the spider.

2 craziest things

Forks and spoons – A woman from Netherlands was rushed to the hospital with severe pain in her stomach. An X-ray revealed 78 forks and spoons in her stomach. It is believed she has an eating disorder called pica, which caused her to swallow the cutlery.

3 craziest things

Worm – John Matthews had vision problems in his left eye for a couple of days. He suffered from somewhat blurred vision, along with two dark spots. After the examination of his left eye, the doctor found that there was a tiny worm living in it! Only 15 cases like this were ever registered.

4 craziest things

Human hair – An 18-year-old girl from Chicago came to emergency room with heavy pains in her stomach. The doctors weren’t sure what was the reason, even after an X-ray, because the only thing it revealed was a “dark mass.” They feared it was a tumor, but during the operation they found out it was actually a foot-long (about 30 cm) ball of human hair.

5 craziest things

Coke bottle – According to this 60-year-old man, the burglars entered his house, robbed him and forced a Coca-Cola bottle up his anus. After two days of constipation, he had to visit the hospital to have it removed. Doctors used a special sort of vacuum and forceps to remove the coke bottle.

6 craziest things

Magnets – One eight-year-old girl from Indiana was rushed to the hospital with stomach pains. It was discovered that she ate fridge magnets – 30 of them! Thankfully, doctors managed to get them out and she survived.

7 craziest things

Nail – Patrick Lawler from Colorado had a toothache, so he went to a dentist. However, the dentist discovered that the source of his pain wasn’t a tooth, but a four-inch nail embedded in his skull. Patrick is a construction worker and it appears his nail gun backfired and shot through his mouth. The nail was successfully removed.

8 craziest things

Fast food fork – John Manley started to fear for his health after he started experiencing lung and breathing problems, which even led to him fainting in public. It was found that problems were caused by a piece of plastic fork from Wendy’s, which he breathed in while eating.

(via Daily Quenchers)

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