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8 Do’s And Don’ts Of Sexting

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by Isabella Carson

S*xting can be a fun way to break up your day and connect with your partner. There are some do’s and don’ts that can help you to make the texts far more fun without being too over the top or crossing a line.

1. Remind him of something that he did the last time that you were together that you really liked. This will not only let him know that you enjoyed what he was doing but it will get him to think about the last time that you were together.

2. Make sure that you start out slowly, don’t rush right in to the really dirty stuff. You want him to have a little anticipation of what’s to come. Start out by telling him that you really miss him and can’t wait until you get to see him next. Then slowly start moving in the direction of naughty texts.

3. Start to tease. Tell him a few of the things that you would like to do with him but don’t give all of the details. Hint at something s*xy that you are wearing at the moment or something that you are thinking about. This will get him revved up and ready to go.

4. When they are texting back make sure that you give them feedback so they know whether to keep the conversation going or not.

5. Get him really excited about the thought of coming home to you by indicating a few very specific things that you would like him to do to you or that you would like to do to him the second you are home.

6. Make sure that if you send photos you aren’t sending ones with your face. Even if they are of some of your most private body parts they are just that if they are leaked somehow. Your face and identity won’t be attached to any of them.

7. Taking photos can be fun but try to make them more suggestive than all-out nudes. These can be more tempting than straight on shots.

8. If you are in a new relationship keep it tame. Don’t start getting into the really dirty stuff too soon as you don’t want to rush the relationship along.

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