8 Signs Your Boyfriend Is Cheating

8 Signs Your Boyfriend Is Cheating

By Lifestyles | The Trent on April 21, 2014
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by Naomi Epps

It’s never a walk in the park to find out that the person you’re in love with or the guy you’re falling in love with has been having an affair for a few weeks or even a few months now. It is never pleasant to learn that he has been continuously sneaking behind your back, telling you lies and deceiving you every chance that he has got. Unfortunately, there are times when women tend to close their eyes and pretend nothing is happening, just for the sake of their relationship. They are afraid they are going to be left alone to fall into a deep pit of despair. So they would rather act like they never overheard those calls or never read those emails. Of course there are ladies who cannot really understand when their men are having an affair. So which category do you fall into? Can you always tell when you are being cheated on and lied to? Can you sense when your trust is being taken for granted? Here are a few helpful signs you should stay on the look out for, whenever you suspect your boyfriend might be cheating.

Sign #1: He stops talking to you. If you used to have the chattiest boyfriend ever and you recently got the impression you’re living with a mute, something is probably up. Again, if your boyfriend used to be a big talker and truly communicative, you should sit down and have a talk, ask if there is anything that is bothering him. (maybe a new job, the loss of a job, the death of someone close, a health problem he might not want you to know about). If he starts to get all agitated, nervous and mad when you are having this talk, you should probably start to think about digging deeper – something is wrong!

Sign #2: He stops showing affection. If he has stopped showing you the love and affection he usually did all of a sudden, your boyfriend is probably interested in another woman. No more late night hugs, no more kisses under the moonlight, no more “I love you” in an unexpected text message can all show a clear sign that something is terribly wrong.

Sign #3: He finds excuses not to make love to you. Men are constantly thinking about getting laid – at least this is the general perception of the male race since ancient times. So the moment your man begins to tell you that he has a headache or that he simply doesn’t feel like having sex, you should definitely set off the alarm bells. Something is either awfully wrong with this guy; the office stress could have gotten to him, maybe he suffers from a mild sex drive issue or a low libido, maybe some other personal problem is stopping him from getting intimate with you, or it could that he’s cheating.

Sign #4: He acts weird and suspicious. If you notice your boyfriend has suddenly started to lock himself in the bathroom for 30 minutes every night, grabbing his phone on the way, or if you see him smile out of nowhere, with no plausible explanation, you should probably look for some more clues. This guy is probably sneaking behind your back to do something he does not want you to know about.

Sign #5: He dresses differently. If your boyfriend used to dress a certain way and he recently started to buy completely different outfits, more colorful shirts and even skinny jeans, he might be trying to look good for the new lady in his life – which is definitely not you, as you barely go out together anymore. He might be also planning to look more appealing for a woman that he started to like, maybe someone at the office, maybe the new waitress at his favorite restaurant, whatever it is, you should start paying a lot more attention to these new habits of his.

Sign #6: He hides his cell and stops reading his emails when you are around. You could look for secret Facebook or Twitter accounts (use your Internet browsers’ history option or his phones browsing history) – your boyfriend is probably hiding something from you. Even though it is not of good omen to stick your nose into your boyfriend’s phone, you are very likely to discover some intriguing, but also hurtful messages – so if you feel you are strong enough to do this, go ahead.

Sign #7: He shows up late. If he was rarely late before and he recently started to invent excuses for being late for dinner – or even for having to stay at the office overnight, you should probably start looking for some lipstick marks on his shirts or some strange perfume scents.

Sign #8: He stops going out with you. If your boyfriend doesn’t feel like hanging out with you that much or if he avoids your usual evenings out only to go be in the company of his friends, you should try to identify the rest of the signs and finally confront him. Any man that can’t find time to spend time with you is probably spending that time with another woman.

Remember that you could be noticing one, several, or all of these signs. But even so, your boyfriend might still be simply going through some rough times he simply does not want to tell you about. So before jumping to conclusions, you should confront him face to face, ask him what’s been going on with him lately and pay close attention to his answers for any signs of deceit.

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