8 Ways That Happy Couples Use Sex to Strengthen Their Bond

8 Ways That Happy Couples Use Sex to Strengthen Their Bond

By Healthy Black Woman on July 27, 2015
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In a relationship s*x can be very important. It is also very necessary for a happy couple to engage in. There are some habits that happy couples have that ensure that they have a great life in the bedroom as well as outside of it:

1. Making time – We are all busy but happy couples make sure that there is always time for a little roll in the hay. Making time for each other during the day shows that they feel that intimacy with their partner is still very important to them no matter what else they have going on.

2. Positivity – There are probably some things that your partner does in bed that you aren’t too keen on. Instead of focusing on what you don’t like, reinforce what you do like. They will be more likely to do the thing you like because they know that it makes you happy and that you are getting pleasure from it.

3. No pressure – S*x isn’t like it is in the movies most of the time. You don’t get home from a long day at work and immediately throw yourselves into bed for a heated and passionate night. Happy couples know that they don’t need to have anything extra in bed, just each other. Heated passion is great every now and then but there is no pressure to have it all the time.

4. Fantasies – While they may not voice what their fantasies are to their partner they allow their minds to wander and think about the things that turn them on the most. Sharing this with your partner can bring things to a whole new level but it’s okay to keep it to yourself too.

5. Excitement – Happy couples are excited to have some time with each other. It isn’t a chore and it isn’t something that they feel that they have to do just because they are in a bed. It is something fun that they both look forward to.

6. Little things – There are little things that your partner does through the day that sparks some passion such as a single rose on the counter when you get home or a text during the day. It is not all about grand gestures.

7. They know they’re hot – Each partner knows that the other one is attracted to them and that they are a hot couple together. This reinforces their bedroom lives because they are not feeling self-conscious or wondering what their partner really thinks of them.

8. Response – Even if one partner is not in the mood at the moment they will still respond to their partner when advances are made. They will simply let them know that they aren’t in the mood at the moment but will let their partner know they are setting some time aside later and to be ready.

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