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Having Trouble Getting Intimate With Your Spouse? Check These Tips

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by Krystle Crossman

Getting in the mood isn’t always easy but there are some things that can help. These may not necessarily be things that you would think of to help to get you in the mood but when you have been in a long-term relationship you may be hard pressed to figure out what works anymore. Here are some tips to help spice up your life in the bedroom from Men’s Journal:

1. Turn off all electronics – We are so distracted these days with technology it is ruining our personal lives. Imagine being in the middle of being intimate with your partner and the phone starts to ring. That is a good way to instantly kill the mood. When you enter your bedroom shut everything electronic off and leave it off.

2. Get reading – There are short stories out there called novellas. Some of these novellas are of an adult nature and are geared towards couples who are trying to spice things up. They are written so that you can imagine yourself in the scene with your partner and can get a few creative ideas.

3. Escape from the every day – There are a lot of things at home that are going to distract you from being able to be intimate. You have kids, housework, pets, and jobs. Those things will all take away time and attention from any alone time that you may get together. Try getting away for a weekend, or even just a night, so that you can focus on each other and nothing but each other.

4. Be healthy – A man’s heart health can greatly affect his libido. Being overweight can affect both partners. Make sure that you are both healthy by eating right, exercising, and seeing a doctor regularly for physicals.

5. Find some new toys – There are plenty of adult toys that are available that can help you to get things going. Even if you aren’t comfortable with getting something like a vibrator you can always get special massage oils and try some new things.

6. Don’t skip the romance – It is not all about hopping into bed and doing the deed. Take some time for romance if you can. This will bring you closer together and make for a much more intimate experience.

7. Tease each other – Go a few days without going all the way and just tease each other. Touch and feel but then stop before things hit a point of no return. When you pass by your partner in the kitchen brush your fingers across the back of their neck or wrap your arms around them from behind while breathing softly on their neck. As the intensity builds so will the pleasure when you finally can’t take it anymore.

8. Education – Read about different positions that you can try. There are many different ways that you can be intimate so learn about some new styles and give them a try.

9. Scheduling – Sometimes our lives can be so hectic that we don’t have time for any of the fun stuff until it is time to go to bed and by then we are too tired. Schedule a time when you and your partner can be alone and can really focus on each other.

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