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9 Good Signs It’s A Healthy Relationship

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Relationships can be tricky things and we all know that by now. There’s enough written in magazines and online about the bad ones, but let’s not forget that they can be good too! So let’s celebrate the things that are good in a long-term relationship for a change, with our list of eight signs of a healthy relationship that you can be celebrating too:

1. You talk about anything

Happy couples talk about anything and everything. Sharing all that life has to offer, the good and the bad, is one of the greatest benefits that a happy and healthy relationship can bring, and you shouldn’t hold back on the bad things either.

2. You laugh together

With that sharing comes the ability to laugh with one another. When a relationship is good, it’s fun too and you enjoy simply being together.  Laughing is just a natural side effect of love.

3. You’re honest with each other

A big part of being in love is being able to admit our mistakes and just say “sorry”. When you and your partner have reached the stage of no lies, no secrets and you make apologies when they’re needed, you’ll find that it’s much easier and comfortable living with each other.

4. You plan for the future

You know that you are in a good relationship the moment that you start to make plans together and you find that your plans and aspirations coincide. After all, planning a life together is what a happy and healthy relationship is all about.

5. You inspire one another

Healthy relationships are built on mutual motivation. You both want the other to achieve the best that they can, because you know that will make them happy, so you help each other in every way that you can, to make sure that you both achieve your ambitions.

6. You support each other

When times are tough, you’re still there for one another – this is a happy and healthy relationship! Lack of support when it was really needed has been the downfall of many relationships and that support comes in many forms, from a sympathetic shoulder to cry in times of sadness, to a hot drink in times of the flu!

7. There is a mutual respect

One of the top signs of a healthy relationship is respect; respect for different points of view, respect for individuality and, of course, simple human respect.

8. There is trust

Trust is hard earned but easily lost and a healthy relationship has to have trust. If you trust each other without doubts, then your relationship is strong and healthy.

9. Your relationship gets even stronger with time

A healthy relationship builds over time and, as the months turn into years, things will change and there will be ups, as well as downs, but you know that your relationship just gets stronger and stronger.

You don’t need to tick boxes to know if you are in a healthy relationship because everyone is different, but sometimes, elements of a good relationship slip away so gradually that we don’t realize that they’ve gone. Taking stock from time to time can be a useful way of not just spotting a bad relationship, but also about catching a failing one, before it falls too far.

We hope that you find this relationship advice useful.

Feel free to share some other signs of a happy and healthy relationship.

Stay happy!

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