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10 Sweet Things To Say To Your Boyfriend Regularly

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Men can seem difficult to work out sometimes. They don’t seem to treasure gifts like women do and they tend to not really appreciate the soppy romantic gestures, so what can you say to a man to show him that you love him? For most guys, love and respect are two things that go hand in hand. If you show your man that you respect him, then he will know that you love him too. Here are ten sweet things to say to your boyfriend that will demonstrate your love and respect.

1. I know you can do this

Men love it when they know that you have faith in them and you encourage them to do well. Most men have a competitive streak in them and a strong desire to win and the good men want to win for the woman in their life. A little bit of moral support from the women he loves will mean a lot to him and drive him forward to succeed.

2. I don’t know what I’d do without you

This is another one of sweet things to say to your boyfriend. It’s also important for a man to feel wanted and useful. Many modern men want their women to be successful and independent, but they also secretly take great pride in opening the lid that you couldn’t open, or lifting something heavy for you. They still have that need to be the knight in shining armour sometimes, and to know that you can’t, quite, cope with everything by yourself.

3. Why don’t you tell me about it?

You can go to a friend for advice on difficult matters, but men find it very hard to open up to people in that way. Letting him know that he can talk to you about anything, and that he can trust you, is another way to your man’s heart. If he knows that he can talk to you about things he thinks that other people might find silly, then he will know that you really do love him.

4. I love the way you do that

You can put your own words to this, but letting a man know that you like what he does in bed will boost his confidence and his love for you. Men do want to please women in bed, it’s not just all about them, and many men worry that they are not satisfying their partners. Let him know if he is doing a good job, or gently guide him, if he is not.

5. You are the only man I want in my life

Many guys are more insecure than you might have realised and they do worry about your commitment. Even if they are not the suspicious, or jealous type, they will still appreciate hearing from you that you are 100% committed to them. Having that rock solid commitment from a woman is really important to man and reaffirming that, once in a while, will help keep the relationship strong.

6. You are different to all the other guys

This is another one of sweet things to say to your boyfriend. You can show your love by telling him that you love him for who is. Letting him know that he is different, and better, than all the other guys you know will further cement the trust he has in you and tell him that he is doing things the right way. A man really does want to be loved for who he is, so he will appreciate the fact that you don’t think he is the same as everyone else.

7. You’ve never let me down before

Knowing that you trust his judgement is important to a guy as well. Whilst making important decisions together is vital for a successful relationship, letting him know that he’s never made any bad mistakes in the past will show your faith in him. He wants to be strong and get things right, so let him take the lead sometimes and tell him that you trust him.

8. You look great in that

Another one of simple and sweet things to say to your boyfriend is a compliment. Guys are not averse to receiving compliments about their appearance, especially if they have made the effort for you. If he has smartened himself up for a special occasion, then tell him that he looks good. You like it when he compliments you, so return the favour sometimes, and he will be pleased that you noticed.

9. Thank you

You might be wondering how saying thank you can possibly be in the list of sweet things to say to your boyfriend, but to a guy, even ‘thanks for taking out the trash’ is a nice thing to hear. When you tell him that you do appreciate the little jobs that he does, as well as the big ones, is a nice way to show him that he is loved.

10. I love you

As much as men need your respect, they also need your love too. When they’ve finished doing all the macho things for you, they just want to hear that you love them. They need those three little words as much as you do, they just won’t admit it so readily.

Do you have other ideas of sweet things to say to your boyfriend?

Stay happy!

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