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9 Old-Fashioned Marriage Principles You Can Break Today

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Almost everyone knows that old-fashioned people created and still follow different rules of a happy marriage. We should take into account that couples and epochs are different, so some people find these rules fundamental and suitable while others have a blurred vision of the traditions set by our ancestors. Nowadays many couples break these rules and live perfectly happy. Check out the list of 9 old-fashioned marriage principles you can break today.

1. Always sleep together

Nowadays many lovely couples have to sleep in separate due to different reasons. Do not feel upset if you face such a thing because it’s not a signal of your love end. Just enjoy the possibility to sleep separately like you did it being a kid. Try to revive new feelings and spend more time together.

2. Fights lead to divorce

It often happens that a set of unresolved dilemmas can lead to divorce. It seems to be silly when couples think about divorce having various disputes. There are a lot of ways to resolve problems and tiffs, the main point is to have a desire to be together. You are to stand this grinding period to check the strength of your love. Don’t be afraid to sort out difficulties in your relationship because it’s a healthy thing.

3. Vacation together

Sometimes vacations apart can give a new portion of inspiration and strengthen your love. Women and men have different visions and nature, so sometimes it’s necessary to have a girl’s weekend or a boy’s one. Not to feel lonely, try to have a separate vacation at the same period. And remember that every person should have its own space and individual time and it’s not a betrayal.

4. Mutual hobbies

When you are in a relationship, it’s not necessary to have only common hobbies. As we know, tastes differ, so you just can talk about your hobbies and share emotions. It’s marvelous if your interests are the same and you have mutual hobbies. Don’t force each other, if you don’t want to make your relationship strained.

5. Don’t go to bed angry

Fighting negative emotions isn’t an easy thing, especially when they attack your mind in the evening. To my mind, bedtime is the most productive period of time when different thoughts fill out your conscience and bring on anger. Don’t keep it serious and try to cheer each other up.

6. The honesty vow

Being completely honest seems to be impossible, but it doesn’t mean that you should be a liar. Telling the truth all the time is noble, but it can hurt your feelings. You may dislike his hairdo, elements of style or other nonsignificant things and it’s not necessary to say him about them all the time, because it’s a high way to a new tiff. It’s normal to commit little lies, but don’t do the same with more important things and try not to get a habit of a liar.

7. Keep things exciting

People often talk that it’s necessary to jazz up the relationship every now and then. Sure, it’s great to try something new, but not every day. We need to get used to new things, actions. That’s why routines can be useful in a way, because it is necessary to get rid of constant stresses caused by trying something new. Bucking your relationship up is necessary, but with reasonable limits.

8. It’s over when the spark dies

Typically, relationship starts with a spark and this fire burns forever. Being charmed by our love, we try to keep it burning by all means. Don’t be afraid of moments when your love seems to be lost. It is just necessary to open a new page in the book of your relationship.

9. Avoid opposite sex friends

It’s okay to have opposite sex friends. When you have such friends, you become all-rounded and it’s not a sign that you are looking for romance. Many friends of mine have opposite sex friends and it seems to be widespread today. In case you and your guy are very jealous, you can get acquainted with your mutual friends and spend time together.

We are free to break rules because they don’t have direct risks to influence on your relationship in a negative way. Just love each other and don’t get caught in an endless loop of old-fashioned rules. Which old-fashioned marriage rule have you already broken?

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