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12 Reactions Women Have During Their Periods

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Every month women entertain a not-so-welcomed visitor. Their Periods! This horrifying time of the month often comes along with other unwanted guests like backache, stomach cramps and an emotional outburst that’s uncontrollable. Rest assured that watching a crime scene in your underpants isn’t the most pleasing sight for the ladies and this gives rise to multiple reactions that only women will understand. God save the men around women on their period.

The initial reaction is instant sadness. And in your grumpy mood you start thinking of all the things you can’t do for the next few days.

“Urggg, why now? Now I’ll have to keep the whites aside. No swimming also and that pretty skirt I picked up to wear for the party tonight, damn it.”

 women on their period

“I am dying!”

Being on the rag is almost like slowly bleeding to death. After all who can survive so much blood loss? Well, that would be women!

women on their period

 “I feel like eating a cheese pizza or a mutton Biryani and some ice cream to go with it and oh a cold drink too.”

Binge eating or indulgence is totally alright. After all the monthlies are visiting and you’ve got to take in more.

women on their period

“Haven’t I gained a lot of weight? Look at my tummy!” *pinches stomach fat and makes an awkward face*

 Well, it’s the overeating girl. Don’t worry you’ll be fine in a few days.


“Thank god, I am not pregnant!”

 This has to be the only good thing about being on your period. And yes I am sure many women have this sigh of relief as soon as they see red.

women on their period

“Oh god, I’ll have to wear these adult diapers now and deal with rashes.”

That sanitary pads have a stark resemblance to diapers is a hint that you’ve got to mind where you sit and what you do.

women on their period

 “I have a stiff back from sleeping in one position all night, gosh it hurts.”

This becomes a necessity as it isn’t great to wake up to crimson coloured sheets that you’ll have to work hard to clean or simply discard.

women on their period

 “I NEED chocolate”

 Yes, because chocolate doesn’t ask questions. It understands.


“Gym, no way! I deserve to stay home and laze around”

Yes, because who wants to do awkward drills and push ups while there’s a war raging in your tummy. In fact, that’s the only other good thing about being on your period.

women on their period

 “I hate everyone and I am allowed to be a bitch. I no need anybody!”

Being anti social is an important part of being on your period. You cannot mess with that or you’ll have to deal with the circumstances.

women on their period

“Why do I have to go to work?”

Shouldn’t all women get monthly offs to attend to their menstrual cycle and enjoy PMSing? ;P

women on their periods

 “I wish I was a guy!”

Every girl has once in a lifetime (more than once, to be honest) had this thought. After all men have it pretty easy. No waxing, no makeup, no pregnancy, easy orgasms and NO PERIODS!

women on their period

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