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Abuja: Collision Involving Dangote Truck and FRSC Towing Van Leaves One Dead, 3 Injured

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ABUJA, Nigeria — A fatal accident between a Federal Road Safety Corps, FRSC, towing van and a Dangote truck resulted in one person’s death and three others critically injured.

The incident occurred early Friday morning at about 3 am on the Kugbo-Nyanya Expressway, near the Karu Bridge in Abuja.

Walter Amechi, the VIO Area Commander in Kugbo, revealed to journalists on Friday, September 1, 2023, that mechanical failure was to blame for the tragic incident.

According to Amechi, the FRSC towing van was transporting a Dangote truck full of cement, which had earlier experienced brake failure, to the VIO office in Kugbo at the time of the accident.

“The driver of the towing van was found dead, unfortunately trapped inside the vehicle,” said Amechi. “Meanwhile, the driver of the Dangote truck, his conductor, and another passenger sustained injuries and are currently receiving medical treatment.”

The incident has raised concerns about the state of road safety in Nigeria and has led to calls for more stringent regulations concerning vehicle maintenance and towing practices.

“Mechanical failure should not be an acceptable reason for losing a life,” lamented Jide Abiola, a local road safety activist.

“This incident underscores the urgency of implementing rigorous safety checks on all vehicles, especially those tasked with handling other potentially faulty machines.”

Officials are conducting an investigation to determine the exact circumstances that led to the accident, with special attention being paid to the mechanical state of both the towing van and the Dangote truck.

As families mourn and the injured recover, the event serves as a harsh reminder of the road safety challenges plaguing Nigeria, even as questions about liability and accountability remain unanswered.

“We need to get to the bottom of this incident to prevent such tragedies in the future,” added Amechi.

“It’s not just about figuring out what went wrong in this particular case, but about making the broader changes needed to improve road safety across Nigeria.”

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