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Actors Guild of Nigeria Blacklists Producer Adanma Luke After Junior Pope’s Tragic Death

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LAGOS, Nigeria – In an unprecedented move, the Actors Guild of Nigeria, AGN, has announced a one-day suspension of all filming activities nationwide, alongside an indefinite blacklist against Adanma Luke, an actress who is the producer at the helm of the fatal production.

This decision is in response to the tragic boat accident that led to the death of celebrated Nollywood actor Junior Pope and three crew members.

This temporary halt, scheduled for Thursday, April 11, 2024, is part of the AGN’s broader response to the incident, which also includes an indefinite suspension of film shoots in riverine areas.

The accident occurred during the shooting of the movie “Another Side of Life,” prompting the AGN to halt not only the involved production but also to impose a broader moratorium on all film shoots involving riverine areas.

The AGN’s statement detailed the extent of the suspensions: “All Films that involve riverine areas and boat riding are hereby suspended indefinitely. No Shoot on all locations Nationwide on Thursday 11th April 2024. The film titled ‘Another Side of Life’ is suspended indefinitely.”

Additionally, barred its members from working with producer Adanma Luke “until further notice”.

The announcement, disseminated through the guild’s social media platforms, underscores the gravity of the accident and the AGN’s commitment to ensuring the safety of its members.

The death of Junior Pope and his colleagues has sparked a nationwide conversation about the risks faced by actors and crew members working in challenging environments.

The AGN’s response aims not only to mourn the loss of its members but also to instigate change that ensures such a tragedy does not occur again.

Junior Pope, Actors Guild of Nigeria
Junior Pope pictured with two of his sons

The guild’s decision to pause filming activities across the country for a day serves as a mark of respect for the deceased and a moment for the industry to reflect on the importance of safety measures in film production.

“While we keep searching for the bodies of the remaining persons, may their souls rest in peace,” the statement concluded, acknowledging the ongoing efforts to recover the victims and the profound impact of their loss on the Nollywood community.

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