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Tragic Update: Nollywood Star Junior Pope Confirmed Dead After Brief Hope

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ASABA, Nigeria – In a sorrowful update that has shocked the entertainment community across Africa, the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) has confirmed the death of popular Nollywood actor Pope Odonwodo, widely known as Junior Pope, along with three of his colleagues.

The confirmation comes after a harrowing period of hope and despair, following a boating accident in Delta State, Nigeria, during a film shoot.

The initial reports of Junior Pope’s critical condition had sparked a wave of concern and prayers from fans and colleagues alike, clinging to the hope that the actor might pull through after being rushed to the hospital with signs of life.

Emeka Rollas, the President of the AGN, shared the heartbreaking news via Instagram in the early hours of Thursday, April 11, 2024, dispelling all hopes of recovery.

“It’s so so sad that our joy was short-lived,” Rollas stated, referring to the brief moment of optimism when the actor showed signs of responsiveness.


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Junior Pope had carved a niche for himself in the Nollywood film industry with his dynamic roles and compelling screen presence.

His untimely demise while engaging in his craft has raised questions about safety measures on film sets, particularly in challenging environments.

The tragic accident not only claimed the life of Junior Pope but also resulted in the loss of three other actors involved in the production, with one body recovered and identified as Mr. Friday.

Efforts are ongoing to locate and identify the remaining victims as the film community reels from the magnitude of the loss.

Tributes have poured in from across the continent, reflecting the impact of Junior Pope’s work and the deep sense of loss felt by many.

Nollywood Star Junior Pope Drowns in River on Movie Location

The Nigerian film industry has lost one of its brightest stars, Junior Pope Odonwodo, known professionally as Junior Pope, under tragic circumstances.

The actor, aged 39, drowned during the production of a movie on a river in Asaba, Delta State, in the southern region of Nigeria.

This incident, which occurred Wednesday, April 10, 2024, has cast a shadow over the vibrant Nollywood community, prompting calls for increased safety measures on film sets.

According to reports provided to the press, the accident occurred in the absence of critical safety equipment, including life jackets, and the lack of immediate rescuers on-site.

Earlier today, Junior Pope had shared a video of himself in a boat on Instagram saying, “See me lamenting……The risk we take to entertain you ; crossing river 9ja yesterday with no life jacket…… Na wahoooooo …. Who does that ?? 👆 @adanmaluke production👆 #swagnation #whodoesthat.”


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Despite efforts to save himself, Pope, a celebrated figure in African cinema, succumbed to the fatal conditions, leaving behind a legacy as a father, husband, actor, model, and television personality.

Pope’s career in Nollywood was marked by dynamic roles that showcased his range and depth as an actor, endearing him to fans across Nigeria and beyond.

This is a developing story. More details will be provided later.

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