Aisha Buhari In America: The Continuing Narrative Of General Buhari’s Scandalous Regime...

Aisha Buhari In America: The Continuing Narrative Of General Buhari’s Scandalous Regime (READ)

By Opinions | The Trent on August 7, 2016
Nigeria's first lady, Aisha Buhari arrives Washington DC, US on Thursday, August 4, 2016 | APC Photo

The Muhammadu Buhari led government is too perfidious and scandalously petty and slothful to be taken any longer seriously by any sane and responsible Nigerian alive. It is evidently a government of political pettifoggers and has nothing tangible to offer.

For over a year now and contrary to the expectation of Nigerians, it only showcases rare mastery in the art of deception and endless bouts of sensual indulgence that makes it too difficult to be defined and accepted as a government in the true sense of what a modern day government is supposed to be and also totally contemptuous to be qualified as democratic. But for the usual and unfortunate nonchalance of most Nigerians, Buhari would long have been banished.

Like a nightmare, right before our very eyes, Nigeria has slipped from a democracy to feudalism. The understanding of the Nigerian situation by this feudal government is strangely too subjective to deal with the real challenges on the ground.

No wonder this government still remains calmed and unperturbed at the rate at which the economy is collapsing, the diminishing value of Naira against the dollar, scarcity of food and the massive suffering of Nigerians, the collapse of the power sector and the almost non availability of electricity supply and the collapse of other infrastructures in the country, the insecurity and massive killings of Nigerians by the murderous and rampaging fulani herdsmen, the pervading divisiveness threatening the very existence of the country and the heightened agitation for the restructuring of the country, irresponsibly adopting the use of inflamables to quench the fire of restiveness in the Niger Delta and many more. Dutifully with lies it has shied away from confronting these challenges but swiftly rushes at the challenge of proving that Aisha, the saintly wife of mullah Buhari, is not culpable in the Jefferson bribery scandal, by striking a secret diplomatic deal to ensure Aisha travels America and return safely without being harassed the American security officials.

I said right from the beginning that Buhari was too compromised to lead a successful fight against corruption in Nigeria. He is corrupt, his family is corrupt, he rode of on the back of corruption into Aso Rock and also unavoidably surrounds his throne with the most corrupt people in Nigeria.

I recall telling a story of a very strong and rough guy from my town that was a tout and public fighter. Whenever he was provoked to a fight, he would pick up any available bottle, break it and give himself a very serious and deep cut, just to pass a message across that if could that to himself, with the broken bottle he would not spare anyone. Usually he struck and got people badly wounded. People were careful not to mess around with him.

Then I said if Buhari was to be taken seriously, he must start the fight by giving himself a deep cut with the very weapon he has sharpened for the corrupt before using it on others. So far Buhari has failed and will never succeed because he is afraid of giving himself a cut. Instead Buhari has made himself the chief high priest and has ascribed unto himself the power and authority to shrive any thief that is related to him.

Afterall Buratai has been shriven right here in Nigeria by Buhari. He did not have to travel to Dubai. Aisha should be investigated in Nigeria and not in the US. A mere visit to America can not vindicate her if Buhari must know. We understand the dilemma mullah Buhari has found himself because of his thoughtlessness.

If Buratai was vindicated here in Nigeria, why bother to send Aisha to the US for her vindication? With scoundrels like Obama, Hillary Clinton, Biden, John McCain, John Kerry, George Bush and a host of others as the keepers of the gate of America, we know certainly America is not heaven where there is no admittance to a thief or sinner. It’s easier for a carmel to pass through the eye of a needle than for Aisha to be investigated and found guilty while mullah Buhari, corruption personification is on the throne.

Aisha may gleefully celebrate her purported vindication with interviews and more interviews but the truth is that deep right inside her soul, she knows she is as guilty as sin. She has lost her sure-footedness. She has sold herself to fear because her liberty is at the mercy of mortal men. Who knows tommorow?

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  1. Which air port in Washington DC did she arrived at,Washington Dulles Airport in Virginia? or Ronald Reagan in Washington/Arlington air port in Arlington Virginia?,or Baltimore/Washington International air port in Baltimore Mary land. Which one did she ARRIVED at an Inquisitive mind wants to know,or may be she was given the Preferential treatment/Presidential treatment for her to ARRIVE and enter Usa through the ANDREWS Air force Base in Mary land through which the USA presidents travels through.All these airports are In WASHINGTON Vicinity.So which one did she entered into the USA through so we can check that out,Did OPRA WINFREY Show interview her or was she a guest in her show,which media outfit in Washington Dc interviewed her?.Does it mean there are no more REPORTERS in Washington Dc to ask her questions or interview her?, I can not BELIEVE this, Washington Dc of all places in the whole world,this is INCREDIBLE.What should i Do Believe it or not?.

    • this is play like play nigerians or baboons and monkeys are taking this issue to be that this aisha was really in america? #idonbelieveit

  2. This is just the begining the world has seen nothing yet, a country where sane people depends on imbeciles to formulate policies for their livlyhood what do you expect, is travelling to America an achievement? there is a popular saying that goes, sow the wind and reap the whirl wind! APC sow deciet and supported by greedy politicians and its followers, the deciets are begining to yield fruits, everyone will see when the fruits are matured. Now is the morning

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