Alkasim Abdulkadir: It Was Her Noon, Yet The Sunset For Molly

Alkasim Abdulkadir: It Was Her Noon, Yet The Sunset For Molly [The Trent Voices]

I still find it surreal that our dear friend Lami Molluma Yakubu has left us, concluded her earthly sojourn and suddenly left her beloved family and friends behind. As I pen this I am still in denial that I am writing a tribute to her, this eulogy seeks to celebrate her selflessness, fierce loyalty and amazing character.

When you live in a highly built up and individualistic city like Abuja, you need the likes of Molly as she was fondly called on your speed dial. She had an idea of everything –from mundane things as to where to get fuel during scarcity to a real estate agent’s number or to helping you edit a report. She was always willing to lend a helping hand, eager to please, she was the ever dutiful friend and sister all rolled in one;  she belongs to that rare group of friends who became family in deed and words.

To understand how selfless Molly, was to contextualize the length she could go to ensure that she extended a helping hand; she exemplified the word random acts of unsolicited kindness. As a budding entrepreneur anytime she had money, she will ensure that all those around her had a share of it, no matter how little it was.

Lami like every young person had dreams, she wanted to travel the world, visit a new country each year. She wanted to publish her crafty stories, she wanted to become a successful writer aside her law. She was looking forward to raising a family, her brood. She loved children, they brought out her innermost joy, and she spoke their language and belonged to the extra-ordinary class of adults who shared a spontaneous kinship with children.

She loved to share stories, anecdotes that will leave one reeling in laughter; she had a hearty laughter herself, never afraid to clown, her capacity to laugh at herself was profound, a self effacing nature enabled her to laugh at herself.

I remember her last message via BBM a mutual friend of ours was organizing a World Book Day event for the school where she was a teacher -even from her sick bed Molly ensured that she got me to read to the children.

She was fond of her friends, always the one reaching out, lifting others up, even when she also needed that elevation. One remarkable thing that anybody can attest to is her ability to care, she was easily touched by injustice and the tragedy suffered by others; she had enormous empathy not only to her family and friends but also to total strangers. She was always giving her possessions away, even the ones that could be sold. She might not have been wealthy in the material sense of the word, but she had a very rich heart that was always willing and ready to give.

A day before her demise I had tried her numbers to no avail and then subsequently called her husband who said she was still in ICU but we should continue to pray for her recovery, she passed away the next day.

Most traumatized will be her immediate, her Dad and Mom whose bond was incontestable, for one thing was common, the mirth on her face whenever she received a call from her parents was one that showed the purest form of true love. With her siblings and nephews, she was the sweetest person, one thing they will obviously miss is her ability to make them laugh, her capacity to make light of the most challenging situations and her big heart of being there to all at all times.

During her wedding last year, she was radiant and excited that at last what she cherished had come to pass, this union was more than an exchange of vows to her, it was what she had always looked towards as young adult and more. To Festus, this tragic passing is more telling; Molly will be the second wife he is losing. No kind words can assuage what he feels now, for he has lost a wife, a bosom friend and a beloved mother to his daughter, whom Molly had come to share an inseparable bond with. Only God can give Festus the fortitude to bear this irreparable loss.

For those she has left behind, it’s doubly tragic when one remembers the vacuum she has left behind as a dutiful daughter, sister, wife, aunty and friend. We will continue to miss you Lami Molluma Yakubu, for this sun has set for you at noon.

Alkasim Abdulkadir is a multi-media journalist, he has worked as a Producer for BBC Media Action and as a news contributor for CNN, Aljazeera, France 24 and Guardian UK. He is Contributing Editor at The Trent.

The opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the author.


  1. I miss molly so much and the above description is indid Molly. Always wanting to make one happy and share in one’s pains. U do know her real well. I keep thinking of her and our last chat.
    Rest in Peace Molluma.

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