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Alleged GAY Pastor Accused Of Stabbing Wife To Death, But Why?

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An allegedly gay clergy, Pastor Richard Shahan will appear in court for a pretrial hearing after he was accused of killing his wife, Karen after she confronted him over his gay relationships with two men outside Alabama, All Christian News reports.

Karen’s body was found at their home on Tuesday, July 23, 2013 with several stab wounds and injuries she was said to have incurred while defending herself.

Karen was said to have sent an email in February 2012 telling his to choose between his gay lifestyle and his job as a pastor.

Shahan reportedly sent a text message to one of the men he was seeing saying: “There is only one way I could become legally ‘single’ and I have to wait until God grants me that gift. It will come; the woman I live with is slowly killing herself — she is diabetic and refuses to take care of herself physically. Her mother died early with the same disease and did the same thing to her body. So I pray and wait. It will happen in God’s timing”

He later resigned his position at Children and Families Pastor and the Facilities Director at First Baptist in December 2013.

After Shahan was arrested and detained for investigations in August 2013, he was released an later rearrested on Wednesday, January 1, 2014 after he attempted to travel to Germany, en route Scotland where he planned to start a new life with a European man.

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