Amaechi As A Willing Tool In Northern Agenda To Subjugate The South-South...

Amaechi As A Willing Tool In Northern Agenda To Subjugate The South-South (READ)

By Opinions | The Trent on March 12, 2016
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Director General of the Buhari Presidential Campaign, Rotimi Amaechi pays visit to then, President Elect, General Muhammadu Buhari

I wrote an open letter in a hurried response to a friend’s note to me. Please take time and read it. Thank you.

Dear Douglas Peters!

I am proud of your continuous alignment with the plight of your people in Rivers state and the Ijaw land generally.

My pride does not swell because you and I seem to be reasoning alike as all Rivers men naturally should over the political storm our beloved state is facing today but because you are one of the few conscious Rivers brother’s who recognize the plot by the Northern led government to blacklist and subdue our region in fear of our growing political awareness and increasing national relevance that had obviously been awakened by the immediate past president of Nigeria, Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan‘s incursion into Nigeria’s presidency.

The North certainly do not want to see us that aware and strong knowing that someday our consciousness may make us too politically powerful and with our natural wealth in gas even without oil, we may just demand to control all of our resources, because so far their control of our resources had been their only strength. Controlling our resources and keeping us divided had remained their only real strategy for political dominance over us.

See how they try daily to delegitimize the only South South presidency of only 5 years in almost 60 years of our nationhood and by extension they discredit our region by criminalizing the Jonathan’s presidency more than necessary.

See how they latch on to traitors like Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi and the whole new generation of traitors he inspires because of the platform he gives them to divide and make our region weaker.

Can you imagine this our misguided brother’s ideology? Just yesterday he clearly demonstrated that his motivation for the nuisance he had made of himself is solely hinged on personal profit when he said that Buhari is more of his brother than Jonathan because Buhari compensated him and two of his sidekicks with a ministerial position and two parastatals respectively. Can you imagine? in his perverted reasoning, he proclaim to his blind disciples that they should rather pitch tent with a stranger who profits them than a brother who ignores them. Dougy isn’t that so myopic, had Rotimi forgotten that the region as a whole faired better when we had a president, 4 ministers in Education, Sport, Niger Delta, Land and Housing, NDDC and chairmanship of Ferma, MD of NIMASA and many more parastatals. See how Amaechi misses the point totally?

He and his horde of traitors can’t see the bigger picture, they have refused to learn from the history of the Northerners who certainly understand power and had been in the leadership of our nation far more than any other region, they certainly don’t understand the principle that “your strongest shied is in the defence of your weakest link” they don’t learn from how the northerners had supported and defended the worst of their leaders more than the few good ones who are true patriots. The North understands that unity is required for their people’s leadership to be sustained and we don’t, so in our disunity we slay each other in public and make ourselves weaker while they cheer and jeer us along as they laugh at Amaechi now.

They, the North, definitely don’t like strong characters from our region like his excellency Nyesom Ezenwo Wike. Most of the persecution the Rivers people are facing today is not just about PDP, it’s more about Nyesom Wike. The man threatens the living daylight out of them. A conscious Rivers man with power, who is not afraid to use it, is a dangerous threat to the Northern oligarchy.

Rivers state is a land of finesse as you know, some people would have preferred a governor that exudes the cultured gait that we have come to be recognized for, as was made popular by their excellencies Alfred Diette Spiff, Rufus Ada George and Sir Peter Odili but owing to Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi the first and only thug that ever ruled Rivers State, only a guy like Wike who understands the thug mentality in Amaechi can stand the pressure of the negative attention our state presently attracts, the other guys like my brother Dumo Lulu Briggs and the prince Tonye Princewill may not have had enough balls for a time like this.

Dear Dougy, the North is fighting for their survival and we are fighting for our relevance, the stakes are equally stacked but our only drawback is that very few of our able brothers like you realize that we are truly at WAR and how can you win a war that you don’t even know you are fighting? This is why I sincerely appreciate you and the few like you, who are conscious enough to know whose side they should be on.
Stand firm my brother for you can never be a true Nigerian if you are not first a true Rivers man.

Daniel Wilson is a public affairs analyst. He can be reached on Facebook.

The opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the author.


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