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Angry Mob Strips ‘Okada’ Rider Naked For Stealing Motorcycle In Benue

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Pandemonium broke out on Sunday, January 18, 2015 in the Gboko area of Benue state after a group of angry mob reportedly recovered a stolen motorcycle from an alleged commercial motorcyclist after beating him blue black and stripping him naked and forcing him to ride the stolen bike around the town.

The mob made up mainly of youths said  they caught the man with a stolen motorcycle which was previously snatched few days back by unknown hoodlums in the Yandev area of the town at about 9AM.

The youths became infuriated when the alleged notorious motorcycle snatcher whose identity was not mentioned could not prove his ownership of the bike.

According to Leadership, it was gathered that the young man had been snatching motorcycles from commercial motorcyclist and that his previous actions were questionable whenever a stolen motorcycle was announced in the area. He would steal the machines and convey them to the villages for sale, it was alleged.

After getting a tip-off, the enraged mob trailed the man without his knowledge and finally recovered the bike from him after beating and stripping him naked before police officials and the vigilante group intervened.

The police arrested the alleged motorcycle thief and took him to the station for further questioning about the incident after which his fate would be decided.

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